How to repair iOS free of charge?

People are using their iPhone or iPad extensively, and using it to visit a large number of apps and other applications. Often they find that the smartphone or tablet is not working as desired.

Repair iOS free in which situations?

People are using their iPhone or iPad extensively, and using it to visit a large number of apps and other applications. Often they find that the smartphone or tablet is not working as desired.

In some cases, the phone is not starting and in other cases, the  iPhone cannot connect to WiFi   or the smartphone may be hanging. It is both expensive and incovenient to get paid technical support to  repair without data loss   the gadget. In many cases, the local repair store may be closed, especially on weekends.

The repair store, will also charge a fairly large amount to fix the gadget. Hence most people, especially those who have a limited budget would like to find out if they can repair iOS free of charge and save money, with some tricks like putting their iPhone in DFU mode - see below what it means.

In the event of a breakdown of your favorite device, we can say with confidence that it is best to give your phone to a comfortable and customer-oriented Apple service center. But do not forget about the steps before you repair the iphone system:

  • Back up your iOS device.
  • Remove the iOS device from your Apple ID device list.
  • Remove the SIM card from your iOS device or iPadOS device, if you have one, and keep it in a safe place.

First step in fixing iOS: determine problem

The first step in fixing the iOS gadget is determining the problem which is being faced.

In some cases, the iPhone is stuck in the recovery mode, the famous  Device Firmware Update   mode (also called DFU mode), or shows a spinning circle.

In other cases, the user may face a white or black screen of death. Some users find that the gadget is frozen, or is in a boot restart loop. In other cases, the restore or update of the Operating system (OS) has failed.

Some users find that their iphone is infected with malware or viruses because they didn't use a  VPN client   to protect their data, which make it difficult to use the device. Alternately the malware may delete the important data stored in the gadget. There are instances when the user has accidentally deleted the data, like phone number, contact number and wishes to restore the same the information.

Second step: find a suitable repair software

The second step in repairing iOS is finding a suitable free iPhone repair software. Since Apple smartphones and tablets are used extensively, there are a large number of free softwares for fixing the iOS problems.

The user should find a software which will fix the specific problem. If there are multiple softwares for repairing the same problem, he should choose the more popular software. Most of the software download websites will specify the number of downloads of a particular software, and a software tool which is more popular will be downloaded more often.

The user rating of the software should also be considered while choosing the software.

If you want to go with a secure solution, and are not afraid of some small charge, you may try the  ReiBoot recovery software   that will solve nearly all possible iOS software issues, and the  UltData data recovery   software to get back your data.

Third step: using the repair software

The iOS repair software will have different options based on the problem faced, and the user should choose the right option. The user will also have to specify the gadget model number and version, since the repair software is different in each case.

The firmware for repairing the iphone or ipad will then have to downloaded on the computer. The gadget should then be connected to the computer, and the repair tool should be run. If the right repair tool is chosen, most of the problems will get fixed quickly.

Possible issues repairing iOS with a free software

However, if the right tool is not selected, or the problem faced is not very common, the software tool may not be able to fix the problem initially.

In these cases, the user may have to try other software or firmware tools, before fixing the problem. Firmware based tools are usually preferred since they fix a wider range of problems compared to apps from the iTunes store.

As the software to repair iOS free of charge might come with iPhone virus if downloaded without a  Virtual Private Network   to protect data and phone, we recommand using the  repair without data loss   safe alternative that works in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done before IOS iPhone repair ?
Before repairing your phone, you need to back up your iOS device, remove the iOS device from your Apple ID device list, remove the SIM card from your iOS device or iPadOS device if you have one, and keep it in a safe place.
Are repair software iPhone safe?
Yes, iPhone repair software can be safe when used properly. However, it is important to exercise caution and choose reliable software from reliable sources. Recovery software can be helpful in fixing common software issues such as system crashes, app crashes, or network issues without having to visit an Apple Store or a professional repair service.
Can iPhone ios repair without losing data?
Yes, it is possible to repair your iPhone iOS without losing data, especially if you have a backup available. Restoring from a backup can help you retain your personal data, including photos, contacts, messages, and app data. However, it's important to no
What are some free methods to troubleshoot and fix common iOS problems without professional help?
Free methods include performing a hard reset, updating iOS to the latest version, using Apple’s built-in troubleshooter, and restoring the device through iTunes.

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