How to solve Instagram action blocked error? 6 easy ways to get back your Instagram account

How to solve Instagram action blocked error? 6 easy ways to get back your Instagram account [English]

How to get unblocked on Instagram? Solve Instagram action blocked in few steps

It might happen that Instagram recognizes some accounts as spam and block them - which is probably your case if you ended up on this page.

When you are getting the action blocked when following on Instagram or when liking, see below the solution to fix action blocked on Instagram, before having to delete Instagram account and create a new one! If your Instagram keeps crashing or you experience Instagram video upload stuck issue however, these are different problems.

Action blocked: This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

There are 6 ways to fix it, which can be tried one after the other:

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Refresh links to other social media accounts to solve Instagram action blocked error

The first step when getting Instagram action blocked error, is to try to setup a social media account, or disconnect and reconnect an existing one.

This will show Instagram that the user is a real human with a real digital life, and not a bot commenting or liking all posts on the feed to get some rewarding likes back.

Use Instagram report a problem to solve the Instagram action blocked error

If that didn't work, do not wait and report directly to Instagram, either right away from the action blocked on instagram, by using the report problem button.

Or by going in the settings, where a convenient report a problem menu exists.

Select report a problem, and explain the situation with eventual added screenshots. The Instagram team will then unblock your account as soon as they read your message, which might potentially take a lot of time, depending on how busy they are with other problems to solve.

Wait for about 24 hours to be unblocked from Instagram

What worked great in our case, was simply to wait for a few hours, and our account got automatically unblocked, without any specific notification.

If other apps are installed and using the instagram account, they might lead to account getting blocked, as they execute infinite successive actions, leading to instagram server overcharge. Deactivate them right away !

Possible type of external applications : app for liking pictures on instagram, app to block instagram followers, instagram unfollow app no limit, app to see who blocked you on instagram for free, and more.

Change IP address to solve Instagram action blocked

This will surely solve the issue on short term. Simply turn off WiFi and turn on mobile data, or the inverse. This will trigger an internet address change - your phone will be identified on internet with another address, and Instagram will diferentiate the new address from the one that was blocked.

That way, you will be able to access Instagram, while your main way of connection to the application is still blocked.

This workaround worked for us. Every hour, we tried again to access our account with WiFi, until it finally worked again as the account was unblocked.

If you can’t switch to WiFi or to mobile network, another solution is to use a mobile VPN to change your IP address and get your access back to Instagram – for example, using RusVPN .

Instagram unblocked, how to unlock your Instagram account?

Following above recommandations, your account should be shortly working again using your usual way of connecting to Instagram, just like it did for us !

This action was blocked please try again later instagram might however occur again if the same behavior is kept - for example liking or following like a robot, or even using robot applications, which might leads Instagram to believe a robot is using the account, and not a real human.

What is considered spam on Instagram?

Liking pictures like a robot without discontinuing, following accounts after accounts, or posting the same comment everywhere very fast. Basically, all actions that a robot would be trained to do, and that would look boring to a standard human being !

Instagram wont let me like pictures, what to do?

This is probably because your account has been blocked. See above the solution !

How to fix temporarily blocked on instagram

The Instagram action blocked following fix is simple, report the issue to instagram, switch from WiFi to mobile data, and wait a day or two, it should then go to back to normal.

How to Get Rid of Action Blocked on Instagram
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How to get unlocked from commenting on Instagram?

When Instagram blocked my IP address , the only way how to get unblocked on Instagram from commenting, or being blocked from unliking photos on Instagram, is to report the issue, wait up to 48 hours, and try again.

It is also possible to switch IP address , for example by turning off the WiFi connection and using the mobile network, or by using another WiFi network, for example from a public place.

Logging off Instagram and back on will not solve the blocking issue.

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This is the message that I received for liking/commenting on any Instagram photo: Action blocked. What can I do to fix this problem, or to get in touch with someone from Instagram?

How to unblock action blocked on Instagram?

When Instagram temporarily blocked your account, the fastest way to be Instagram unblocked is to change your IP address by switching form WiFi to mobile data, or the inverse.

In case Instagram blocked my IP address , it is also a way to solve the action blocked on Instagram issue, until Instagram unblock the account, which might take a few days.

This issue might appear for the following reasons:

  • Instagram temporarily blocked me from following, resulting in an Instagram action blocked on new follow, after having followed too many people in a short time,

  • Instagram temporarily blocked for going too fast, leading to action blocked on Instagram, when liking too many pictures on Instagram in a few minutes, and scrolling too fast.

How to unblock someone on Instagram?

If you have blocked someone, it is possible to Instagram unblock them. On the profile page, go to settings in the top right corner.

There, scroll down to blocked users, find the user that has been blocked, and tap on the user account to have it Instagram unblocked.

How to be unblocked on Instagram?

If another user has blocked you and want to Instagram unblock you, he has to do it himself, by finding your account in the search screen, going on your account page, tapping the settings icon in the top right corner, and selecting the Instagram unblock option which will appear on the account page in place of the follow button, if the account has been blocked. It will then be Instagram unblocked from following or accessing your account.

If you have got the Instagram action blocked issue, and Instagram temporarily blocked the account, then the best way how to be unblocked on Instagram is to change your IP address , by using the 3G network instead of a WiFI connection for example. If Instagram blocked my IP address , then it is necessary to wait a few days for Instagram to unblock the account, as it has been marked as spam.

Instagram action blocked for “like”, how to “like” again in 4 steps?

When it becomes impossible to like photo on Instagram, because when trying to like a photo, Instagram says action blocked: this action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

If you can't like picture on Instagram and the Instagram like action is blocked, the cause is that you liked too many pictures in a short amount of time. To solve it, try the following:

  • wait 24hours for the block to disappear by itself,

  • switch Internet connection from WiFi to mobile network,

  • use a mobile VPN to change your IP address with a VPN client such as RusVPN ,

  • report a problem to Instagram and wait for support to check it.

Instagram comment blocked, why is that?

When getting the Instagram error message comment blocked: it looks like your comment contains a link that is not allowed. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake. It is most likely due to something you put in your comment.

If your comment does not contain any suspicious link or swear word, then it might be due to your Internet address, meaning somebody else having the same Internet connection as yourself have done it and has been blocked.

In that case, try changing your Internet IP address , by switching from WiFi to mobile network for example.

The Instagram error link not allowed: it looks like your profile contains a link that is not allowed. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

This error is most likely due to a strange link that you put in your profile. Check again your profile description to make sure it does not include a link that has been reported by other users as spam or inapropriate.

If that is not the case, the link not allowed error might appear because somebody else has done it on the same Internet connection. Try switching from WiFi to mobile network to solve the problem.

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Why am I blocked from following on Instagram?

You can be blocked from following on Instagram and getting the Instagram action blocked error after having liked too many posts in a short period of time, having followed too many new accounts, or unfollowed too many account.

This typically happens after having used an application that will like posts on your behalf, follow new account and unfollow them, or unfollow in batch the accounts that are not following you back.

When doing many Instagram actions automatically, your account might be recognized as being a bot, for example by using an app to unfollow many people at one. Make sure that you are doing it slowly, not more than about a hundred accounts follow or unfollow a day, in order to avoid getting blocked from following on Instagram, and getting the Instagram action blocked error which would block your Instagram account for a few days.

Why did Instagram block me from following? - Quora

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