How to manage Whatsapp business on PC?

How to manage Whatsapp business on PC?

WhatsApp laptop application limitations

Managing a WhatsApp business on PC is different, as it is not possible to upload a WhatsApp status from the WhatsApp desktop version , but only from the mobile application.

WhatsApp desktop version

It is therefore not possible to share Instagram videos on Whatsapp status from a laptop for example, but only from the mobile phone Instagram application .

You can however block or unblock yourself on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp desktop version , by going to settings > blocked contacts.

Regarding the messaging part, you can send and receive messages, voice messages, pictures, videos, but cannot retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages from laptop, as the messages are still stored on your mobile phone.

Video call Whatsapp desktop, is that possible?

Finally, it is not possible to place a voice or a video call on WhatsApp desktop version , as this functionality is not offered in the chat window.

Whatsapp status on desktop

One of the most useful functionality of the WhatsApp desktop version , however, is the ability to see other contacts status.

You can view where are your own status updates, as well as which of your contacts have shared status.

By clicking on the status of one of your contacts, you will be able to see their status just like if it was on the mobile version.

You will even be able to comment on your contacts status updates directly under their status.

And finally, you will be able to see you own status update, but will not see how viewers or who they are – this has to be done from the mobile version.

Conclusion – should you use WhatsApp for business on PC?

As the application is very limited, using Whatsapp for business on PC is not a good idea. If your business is managing a business account, the best way to manage so far still is to use a shared company mobile phone.

WhatsApp desktop version

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