How to manage Instagram accounts properly?

How to manage Instagram accounts properly?

Managing an Instagram account

Managing Instagram accounts can easily get complicated, going through many issues such as Instagram keeps crashing , getting Instagram video upload stuck , having an Instagram account blocked , which all might ultimately lead to delete Instagram account .

See below solutions to some of the most common problems, such as how to close Instagram account, how to remove bots from Instagram, or managing multiple users on one Instagram account.

You can also hire freelancers to help you managing Instagram application for your business and help you growing it.

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How to close Instagram account?

How to close Instagram account is a pretty simple solution, as in order to delete Instagram account all you have to do is visit a specific website, and complete the corresponding form.

It will then be possible to either suspend the Instagram account for a while, or to delete Instagram account once and for all.

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How to remove bots from Instagram?

How to remove bots from Instagram that are following you and are not active? This can be done easily by installing an external app that will allow you to see who you is following you.

If they are following you, you are not following them, and you don’t know them, then they are most likely bots. However, when doing many unfollow operations, make sure to only perform a few a day, or you might get your Instagram account blocked by doing too many operations in a short amount of time.

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How to switch account on Instagram? How to manage 2 Instagram accounts on one phone?

To switch account on Instagram , you should first add other accounts by going to settings > add account, and following the instructions to add another account.

This is how to manage 2 Instagram accounts on one phone, but you can add as many other personal accounts or business accounts as you like.

After the second account will have been added, you will be able to select the Instagram account to which you want to switch by going to your account page, tapping on your account name, and selecting the other account to use.

You cannot switch between Instagram accounts on a laptop, the only way to switch Instagram account on laptop being to use one account per browser.

How to have multiple users on one Instagram account?

Having multiple users on one Instagram account is very easily done, simply by connecting at the same time different users to the same account. Simply make sure that the account you want to share with other users is not linked to other Instagram accounts – otherwise, the other users would get access to all of these accounts.

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts one email?

To manage multiple Instagram accounts on one email, simply create a business account linked to the same email.

In that way, one business account and one personal account will be managed as multiple Instagram account on one email – that is the only solution to have multiple Instagram accounts on one email.

How to delete Instagram story that won't post?

The same solution is to be used to delete an Instagram story that won’t post as for an Instagram video upload stuck , by force stopping the Instagram application in the phone settings.

If that doesn’t work, the only way to delete an Instagram story that won’t post is to restart the phone, or to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application on your smartphone .

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