Favorite mobile learning apps: 8 best mobile apps to learn on the go

Working remote, having some free time during commute, or simply being curious about new skills, there are plenty of ways to consume online learning, either to learn new professional skills, music, to share with remote workers, or simply to get informed on news and trends.

Best apps to learn new things

Working remote, having some free time during commute, or simply being curious about new skills, there are plenty of ways to consume online learning, either to learn new professional skills, music, to share with remote workers, or simply to get informed on news and trends.

To get more clarity on the applications to choose, we asked the community what are their favorite mobile learning apps to learn things, and here are their answers.

Before selecting the right mobile learning apps for yourself, do not forget to sanitize phone and make sure it is properly secured with a VPN for cell phone to keep your whole smartphone safe!

Are you using a mobile app to learn new skills, either on your free time or professionally? Why would you recommend it, did it bring any good results?

Sara Marcum, CarInsuranceComparison.com: Google Primer for SEO, Grasshopper for code

There are two mobile apps that I am currently using to learn new skills. Because the future is depending a lot on technology and the usage of SEO and other online marketing. I have been doing the short courses on the Google Primer application. The courses are short, but they have a lot of information to either teach you or help you hone in on your skills.

Google Primer - Apps on Google Play
‎Google Primer on the App Store

The next app I have been dabbling in is Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free. My oldest son knows how to code, and I am a lot older than he is. Children in elementary schools are learning the basics of coding. I want to be able to use this skill. So I have started messing around with it. I haven’t devoted a lot of time to it, but I am beginning to understand the fundamentals of it. That’s the first step I suppose.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free - Apps on Google Play
‎Grasshopper: Learn to Code on the App Store
Sara Marcum, CarInsuranceComparison.com
Sara Marcum, CarInsuranceComparison.com
Sara Marcum writes for CarInsuranceComparison.com

Dymabroad: Duolingo feels more like a game

I have been using the app Duolingo for a while now and I'm really seeing improvements primarily in my reading skills in French. In high school I studied French, but I think it's much easier to learn French with Duolingo as it feels more like a game. Also, it is not very difficult to commit to, as I'm only using it for about 15 minutes per day. I'm now focusing on improving my French even more as it comes in handy when I'm travelling to France, but I'm committed to learning more languages in the future as that is really useful for me, as I'm travelling around Europe a lot. Using the app you can learn more than 20 languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese!

One of the features that I also like in the app, is the new feature Duolingo Stories, where you can listen to a story while answering questions about the content of the story in the form of quiz. That makes it more enjoyable to learn the language, as you are listening to a fun story, rather than just being solely focused on the language itself.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free - Apps on Google Play
‎Duolingo - Language Lessons on the App Store
dymabroad on Instagram
I'm Dymphe, the girl behind Dymabroad. I'm a travel influencer and blogger!

Samantha Griffith, Loveys Baby Media Inc.: YouTube has a multitude of eLearning courses

My favorite app to learn new things or enhance my skills is YouTube. YouTube is a great resource which has a multitude of eLearning courses and how-to videos. You can find learning materials ranging from short learning nuggets to more in-depth ones if you look past the entertainment side of YouTube.

I leverage YouTube to catch up with the hottest trends in SEO, digital marketing, and various topics in the marketing industry. In my free time, I watch YouTube videos to expose myself to different learnings like graphic designs, DIY crafts, and home improvements.

Watching learning materials on YouTube is the closest thing to hands-on learning, as most videos show you how to execute ideas in actuality. Having a visual context in topics such as cooking, for example, can significantly enhance your learning effectively as watching how it’s demonstrated takes viewers in the actual process. YouTube makes learning faster.

It really is possible to “watch and learn” with YouTube.

Anyways, thanks for reading about how I benefit from YouTube in terms of learning. This is an interesting premise, and I am interested to know what others’ favorite learning mobile apps are. I would love to read the final results!

YouTube - Apps on Google Play
‎YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream on the App Store
Samantha Griffith, CEO, Loveys Baby Media Inc.
Samantha Griffith, CEO, Loveys Baby Media Inc.
My name is Samantha Griffith - a mother of two (soon to be three) and the CEO of a media company. Even as a full-time mom and a CEO, I still make time to upskill or learn new things because I believe that learning should be an on-going process.

Personally, I find it interesting and even critical to be well informed about news and trends in different spheres like business, technology, marketing, education, etc. That’s why there are lots of resources such as blogs, podcasts, and different mobile apps in my arsenal of ‘getting new skills’ and ‘learning new stuff’.

My favorite mobile app to learn something new is TED. This application is basically a tool that enables its users to browse, view and even download videos from the the entire library of more than 1,700 TED Talks videos, relatively short videos featuring tech geniuses, business gurus, musical legends, and the like sharing their presentations and revolutionary ideas with you.

Another thing I like about the TED app is that I can listen to a variety of original content on the go.

TED on the App Store
TED - Apps on Google Play
Oksana Chyketa, the Marketing Specialist at BreatheWeb.com
Oksana Chyketa, the Marketing Specialist at BreatheWeb.com

Chelsey Tucker, EffortlessInsurance.com: Duolingo is free with fast and easy lessons

I use the Duolingo app for learning new languages. It is free with fast and easy lessons. I’ve used it to continue learning Spanish and my mother has used it to learn Spanish from scratch. Even though we learn differently the well-rounded approach suits us both and provides actual results. I have been able to use what I’ve learned and use it in everyday life.

There are dozens of different languages to choose from. Mandarin, Irish, French, and Norwegian are a few other languages that I’m learning. In between lessons, a statistic pops up saying that 34 hours on Duolingo is equivalent to an entire semester of class time. Having taken years of Spanish and I don’t doubt it one bit.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free - Apps on Google Play
‎Duolingo - Language Lessons on the App Store
Chelsey Tucker, EffortlessInsurance.com
Chelsey Tucker, EffortlessInsurance.com
Chelsey Tucker is a life insurance specialist at EffortlessInsurance.com

Mike Bran, ThrillAppeal: xPiano makes learning piano fun

I am using xPiano in stay at home time.

The app has a 4-octave piano keyboard, as well as 12 instruments. The app offers multitouch capabilities for devices running on Android 2.1 and higher. xPiano comes with two sample songs that are good enough to start with. The app comes with the record and play option, so when you are confident that you know the notes you can record your song. It is definitely fun to learn piano with the xPiano app and it also motivates the users to step ahead and do the learning on an actual piano.

One simply does not need to be a seasoned piano player to enjoy this app. I started learning how to organize notes with kids' rhymes. I loved the app and got to learn the simple piano tunes with this app. Now have moved to the 5 octaves of the xPiano+ to learn more piano skills.

xPiano+ - Apps on Google Play
‎X Piano on the App Store
Mike Bran, Founder, ThrillAppeal
Mike Bran, Founder, ThrillAppeal
My name is Mike Bran and I am the Founder of ThrillAppeal. Thrill Appeal was born out of our passion and enthusiasm for outdoor sports and fun. We aim to be the place to visit when learning about outdoor action sports and adventure.

Myself and some of my family are using Duolingo to learn Spanish.

Duolingo is the most well-known language app for a very good reason, it's fantastic and it also has the group features that make it a great app for the family to get involved in.

I recommend it because learning with other people is more fun and brings better results as people are competitive by nature.

What better and more unique activity than learning a new language together. Imagine coming out of isolation and being able to semi communicate in a whole new language.

The badges, positive messages and achievements help keep you motivated and coming back for more. Even if you don't have any takers from your family and friends, Duolingo has a buddy option which will pair you with someone else to share your learning and achievements with.

Having other people to compete, combine with helps keep you disciplined. Like having a gym buddy, if you don't log in you're not just letting yourself down. The added responsibility results in consistent learning.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free - Apps on Google Play
‎Duolingo - Language Lessons on the App Store
Brett Downes, Founder | SEO, Link Building Geek
Brett Downes, Founder | SEO, Link Building Geek

Bradley Stevens, llcformations.com: BoostHQ to find relevant information quickly

We are working remotely nowadays. Because of having different working hours, our managers cannot assist us as they used to in the office premises. Additionally, they want us to utilize this time to learn new skills.

As an alternative, we are using “BoostHQ.” It is the sharing as well as the mobile learning app.

Our manager uploads the content related to our work and also sets the privacy settings. Hence, it is only accessible to those whose work is relevant to the helping material.

It has not any limitations on the content type. Executives can share images, videos, PDFs, Podcasts, and any official content with us.

Additionally, if they want to get us enrolled in some online courses, they share the link on BoostHQ with ID and password as well as apply the privacy settings so that only the relevant members of the team can access that course.

The analytics let them know which content is most useful for the team. By analyzing the comments and team response, they know what to emphasize on mostly.

I like this app because of several reasons - organization, involvement, and checklist.

The content could be organized into groups. So, it becomes effortless to find relevant information quickly. Additionally, all team members can share or experience, questions, or any other related information regarding it on the BoostHQ. It gives me the sense of an online community and keeps us connected despite the fact that we are not working in the office these days.

It provides the option to manage to enlist the key takeaways in the form of a checklist. So, we know what we are supposed to learn through the shared content.

I would recommend it because it is quite simple to use, gives me a sense of learning community, and organizes the whole stuff.

BoostHQ - Knowledge Sharing Platform - Apps on Google Play
‎BoostHQ on the App Store
Bradley Stevens,
Bradley Stevens,
My name is Bradley Steven and I am the Founder and CEO at LLC Formations. LLC Formations is run by a team of successful entrepreneurs and lawyers whose sole focus is making business ownership easy for everyone.

AkshayBansal, Heuro: learning activities in one place with Heuro

Learning is the new norm and learning new things on mobile in free time or for your professional edge has been adopted by the knowledge society and apart from the dedicated courses app like coursera we all are using YouTube and other content app for learning but Apps like YouTube is designed to have your engagement with the app not to deliver the educational value for that I want to suggest you a learning app which people are adopting to learn create and connect with likemenind people,

Heuro is the social learning super app, where all the learning activities can be done in one place like consuming localised news, recommended educational blogs and videos, search, notes making, article publishing and connect.

So rather then finding educational content on YouTube or using different knowledge and information apps and switching between the apps, you can use this dedicated learning app and save your time, reduce cognitive load and have the exponential educational experience.

Heuro - Apps on Google Play
AkshayBansal, Founder @ Heuro
AkshayBansal, Founder @ Heuro

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mobile learning apps for learning languages?
Duolingo is a great app for learning new languages. It's free with quick and easy lessons. This app offers customized programs, a holistic approach that delivers real results.
What are the best mobile learning apps for business?
Here are some of the best mobile learning apps for business: LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Khan Academy, TED, and Duolingo. It's worth exploring each app's features, course offerings, and user reviews to find the best fit for your requirements.
What are the best mobile learning apps for kids?
The best mobile learning apps for kids vary depending on their age, interests, and learning goals. However, here are a few highly recommended options Khan Academy Kids, Duolingo, Epic!, ABCmouse, ScratchJr.
How have mobile learning apps evolved to facilitate effective on-the-go education?
Mobile learning apps have evolved with offline access, micro-learning modules, and interactive content suited for learning in short, flexible sessions.

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