November Monetization Results: $4.93 EPMV, $533.45 Revenue With EzoicAds

November Monetization Results: $4.93 EPMV, $533.45 Revenue With EzoicAds

Monetizing a technology website such as Help Smartphone is not always a simple task, as we are mostly offering content to solve simple problems, with an audience coming for quick and simple answers.

However, using EzoicAds monetization technology we were able to earn $533.45 in November, a satisfying result, and we will see below what were our best performing articles for the month of November, and which revenue they generated so far.

Highest earners in November

Having a look at the Web pages income report, let's see which ones are the top 10 earners for the month of October on our technology niche website.

Motorola Moto G Secret Phone Codes And Hacks

Our article about secret phone codes and hacks for a Motorola phone has brought in $9.25 with 247 page views, which accounts for 0.19% of the page views for that month, but for 1.73% of the total earnings, showing that a higher EPMV is more important than a large number of pages viewed, as a higher EPMV can bring larger earnings with fewer efforts.

How to fix No Service on Maxwest Astro X55 phone?

Our second highest earner for the month, with an RPM of $53.95, one of the highest values for the month, is an article about fixing the lack of mobile network connection on an obscure phone, however it is apparently quite popular as it does bring some solid earnings.

Our generic article about the same topic is also the 6th highest earner for this period, with $2.58 for 127 visits, and a quite high #20.32 RPM.

The same article about another rare phone, the Maxwest Nitro 5M, got the highest RPM of this selection with $55.91 and brought $2.52 in revenue, which is quite acceptable for such an article.

How To Solve Instagram Video Upload Stuck?

One of our most popular articles ever is still dragging impressive amounts of visits, more than 800 in last month alone, despite having a relatively low RPM of $6.37, which translates in a quite disappointing monthly earnings of $5.16 for this article alone.

While it is easier to bring traffic than revenues to this article, we will keep updating it to make sure it is up to date.

Internet Activation Code [LycaMobile]

The LycaMobile activation codes that allow to turn on the mobile data after having inserted a LYCA sim card in your smartphone is also an evergreen popular article on our website.

In the month of November, it brought $3.68 in revenue, with 253 visits and a high $14.54 RPM, which is still a great result for an article that has been written in 2018, one of the first articles on this website.

How to solve my number on Apple iPhone is wrong?

This simple article about updating your AppleID number after changing SIM card on some of the iPhone models is always useful, and brought the 5th highest revenue on our website, with $3.55 for 286 vists and a $12.41 RPM.

Android Error: Your Device Is Corrupt

If your device has ever experienced this error, you might be in for a big unpleasant surprise: a corrupt device has little to no chance to ever turn on again, and any data stored on the phone is lost forever - or would take a huge amount of work to recover, without any guarantee of success.

This article received 169 visits over the last month period, with $2.48 earnings for a $14.69 RPM.

How To Reset and Unlock An Maxwest Astro X55 Phone?

Resetting and unlocking a phone, regardless of the exact Android model, is always popular - and this was also the case with this phone model. The last article from our list, with 47 visits for this model, an amazing $46.11 RPM and a total of $2.26 in passive ads earnings.

Best times to earn money with a technology website

Using  EzoicAds mediation   platform, you can even know which times of the day are the most profitable for you, in terms of any metric you like!

But let's have a look at our EPMV per visitors local time of the day during their journey on our smartphone related website.

Our highest earning times in EPMV are the following:

Between 3am and 6am: $5.59 EPMV

The best time for us to try to attract visitors on our website is actually between 3 and 6 am, early in the morning!

How to explain it? Probably there is less competition regarding advertisers at this time, as the daily budgets might not have been all set - or maybe the visitors that are browsing our helpful guides are in deep need of assistance and are more likely to turn to paid solutions, for which advertisers are bidding for.

Between midnight and 3am: $5.39 EPMV

The second highest EPMV is in the midnight-3am timeframe, in which the same explanation can probably be infered as for the highest paying slot that is coming right after.

However, the next slots are pretty random, and it's difficult to see any link between them, except for this early slot: target midnight to 6am with any communication related to smartphones, and you might be more successful!

Lowest paying slot: 9pm to 12am, with $3.8

Unsurprisngly, the lowest paying slots are respectively 6pm to 9pm with $4.69, and 9pm to midnight with $3.8.

These very low numbers are probably due to the fact that people are generally resting at these hours after a long day at work, and are less willing to spend money or to inquire about their mobile phones.

In conclusion: monetizing a technology website

In order to monetize your technology related niche website or smartphone website, make sure to write helpful articles dedicated to lesser known devices, to monetize with EzoicAds monetization platform to increase your display advertisement revenue and get access to exclusive reports in Ezoic Big Data Analytics, and target your users in the morning between 12am to 6am, or anytime during the day, but avoid the evenings in any case!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to increase income on the website?
The best way to increase your website income is to try the EzoicAds affiliate program. The program offers favorable conditions for website monetization.
What is Ezoic?
Ezoic is a technology platform that helps website owners and publishers optimize their ad placements, layouts, and overall user experience to maximize their earnings through intelligent automated testing.
Can I use other ad networks alongside Ezoic Ads monetization?
Yes, Ezoic allows you to use other ad networks alongside their platform. They support integration with various popular ad networks, such as Google AdSense, AdX, and many others. This flexibility enables you to diversify your ad revenue sources and maximiz
How did the integration of EzoicAds impact the monetization results in November, with a $4.93 EPMV?
EzoicAds likely improved ad optimization and audience targeting, resulting in efficient EPMV rates despite the typical fluctuations in ad revenue seen in November.

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