Change input language Android

Change input language Android

How to change keyboard language in Android

In the menu settings > Language and input > keyboard options, select the input language to use for keyboard input and Bluetooth keyboard input.

How to change keyboard language on Android phone

As I got a Nexus 7 Android tablet[1], I also acquired a Bluetooth keyboard (the Logitech K810[2], which seems great so far).

But, as I have a Swiss-German laptop, got a UK Android tablet, have a Swiss smartphone, and a French keyboard, some keyboard set input problems appears.

In case you are in the same situation, and, for example, have a QWERTY keyboard but want to write in AZERTY, or in Cyrillic, you can easily change the keyboard set in Android.

How to change keyboard language on Android

When you are trying to write some text (Fig 1), and notice the keys you are typing on your keyboard are not the ones you want to appear on the screen, go to your Settings. In Language and input menu (Fig 2), select the Samsung keyboard options (Fig 3), in which you can select the Input languages (Fig 4).

If you have a different smartphone brand, the menu name might change. For example, for Asus phone, it is called ZenUI keyboard, named after the graphical user interface of Asus mobile phones.

Android external keyboard switch language

You can here select the keyboard set you want to use (Fig 5) when typing, regardless of your physical keyboard set.

Just select the keyboard set you need, try typing some text somewhere (Fig 6), see if it works, and voilà !

Android change physical keyboard layout

If you are using an external keyboard, for example bought on another country, and you want to have the keyboard typing on the smartphone different letters than the ones on the keyboard, this is the way to change the keyboard layout on your Android device.

It is therefore possible to use any keyboard on Android to type any language, even one that is not planned to be used on the keyboard.

Change QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard in AZERTY

In order to switch from QWERTY to AZERTY keyboard, simply follow the steps above to add a new keyboard layout, or change the default one.

After that, when typing text anywhere on an Android app, simply tap the language icon, which might be the ISO standard language code composed of two letters, for example EN for English, and FR for French, or a small globe icon.

When typing that icon, the keyboard input layout will be changed to the next layout selected in the keyboard option menu, as detailed above.

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Fig1 : Android typing message with wrong keyboard set Android typing message with wrong keyboard set,

Fig2 : Android language settings menu Android language settings menu,

Fig3 : Android Samsung keyboard menu Android Samsung keyboard menu,

Fig4 : Android input language settings Android input language settings,

Fig5 : Android change input language settings Android change input language settings,

Fig6 : Android typing message with right keyboard set Android typing message with right keyboard set.

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