5 Best Free Writing Apps for Android

5 Best Free Writing Apps for Android

Writing has become something of a norm for many of us. Whether you’re a student, a blogger, or someone looking for ways to organize your time, writing apps for Android is the answer you’re looking for. According to recent findings, 18-to-24-year-olds use 66% of their media time on  smartphone apps,   with 87% of total smartphone users using various apps. This has led many developers to create unique, practical writing apps for Android devices. Let’s take a look at some of the best free writing apps you can use in 2022 and why you should do it.

1. Novelist

If you love writing, Novelist is just the app for you. Novelist is designed with long-form writing in mind and is already used by thousands of professional writers worldwide. The app is intended to make outlining and craft long-form content, whether that’s research papers or novels and novellas.

Novelist is entirely free of charge and features no advertisement, making it stand out on the market. You can easily set writing goals and create to-do lists in Novelist to better organize your time. The app is constantly updated and expanded based on user feedback, so make sure that you try it out if you enjoy writing as a hobby.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is an extension of Google Workspace, Google’s proprietary answer to ensuring that you have your workflow under control. What makes Google Docs so appealing to Android users is that it seamlessly integrates with other Google apps.

Gmail, Google Drive, and other features are available as native options you can use to share, modify, or store your writing in the cloud. You can use the best college paper writing service to shape your outlines and notes into essays, blog posts, and other types of writing. Google Docs is very useful if you share your workflow between your smartphone, desktop, and tablet devices due to its cloud-sync capabilities.

3. Writer

Writer is an app that favors simplicity and seamless writing experiences over comprehensive UI features. The app is meant for people who want to declutter their writing and focus solely on the art of writing. It will help you eliminate distractions and give you all to crafting fantastic content.

The app is free and developed, with new features introduced periodically. While you can turn on certain features and text analysis options in Writer, the app is intended to be a lightweight writing tool. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive and with more options, it’s best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Writer will fill the writing void for you very neatly moving forward.

4. JotterPad

JotterPad is just that writing app for Android, speaking of more complex writing apps. The platform is very comprehensive in what it can do for writers, inviting everyone from bloggers to playwrights to use it. For example, JotterPad allows you to freely write your text and then format it based on what you’re trying to land on.

JotterPad gives you access to standard word processor features such as text styling, markup, thesaurus and dictionary, undo/redo, and custom fonts.

You can customize your writing experience with a dark theme, large document support, Bluetooth keyboard connectivity, document versioning, and a choice between local and cloud storage.

In this freewriting app, you can export PDF, HTML, DOCX and RTF files to unlimited cloud accounts.

The app can be used both offline and online, with cloud-sync being one of its many valuable features. JotterPad will also help you find the best images to attach to your writing if you’re a blogger and want to publish your content online after. Likewise, the app features dictionary and thesaurus integrations to help shape your writing.

While the app features a premium version, it’s in no way necessary for most, making this a great free writing app for Android.

5. Black Note

Black Note is true to its name – it is a writing app with a native night/dark mode. It is intended for short writing sessions, notes, to-do lists, and reminders. It is intuitive both in its design and philosophy as an Android writing app. While simple, you’ll enjoy using Black Note due to how fast and responsive it feels.

Moreover, it’s terrific to use during the night if you’re a student or someone who enjoys working at night. While this may sound disappointing to some, Black Note isn’t intended as a long-form writing app. Its main goal is to allow users to take quick and easy notes whenever they feel like it – it succeeds in its mission splendidly.

In Summary

Make sure to give several writing apps for Android a shot before choosing the one you’ll use moving forward.

Different apps come with vastly different UIs, features, and some premium options, which you can take advantage of if you choose to.

Regardless of which ones you use, make it a habit to write different types of content throughout the day. Write journal entries, to-do lists, plan blog posts, essays, or other types of writing depending on what you do for a living.

Use writing apps to their fullest, and you’ll be happy with what they can do for your daily routine.

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