How to change the default messaging app on Android

Change default messaging app on Android

After having download a different SMS text messaging app from the Android app store, it might be a good idea to change the default messaging app from the one given by the phone manufacturer, to the application that has just been downloaded.

Change default SMS app Android

In the settings > more menu, you will see a default SMS app option in the middle.

From there, tap on that menu, and the list of available messaging apps will be displayed.

Any of them can be selected as the default messaging app, and replace the default SMS app used by Android by default.

Launch by default app option

To change the launch by default setup for any app, go to settings > apps > open the app you want, and scroll down to the launch by default section.

From there, if the app is associated by default for any action, it will be possible to clear the default settings of that app.

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