How to activate OK Google voice commands?

Activate Okay Google voice commands

When the OK Google voice commands are not working on an Android phone, simply activate OK Google for your phone, in order to be able to program the voice command.

Activate OK Google voice

Start by opening the Google app. In case you don't use it often or can't find it, use the search feature of the application opening settings.

Once in the app, open the three dots menu more, in the bottom right of the screen, and locate the settings option.

In the settings menu, open the voice options, and go to voice match.

In the voice match options, make sure that the options are setup to let you access the Okay Google search whenever you say OK Google to your screen, when the phone is on.

It is also possible to let your phone unlock your device when you say OK Google in front of your locked device, and that it is recognized as your voice.

Finally, there is an option to allow OK Google to work while you are driving and using the Google Maps app for example.

In the voice mail options, also make sure that the language is set to the language you will be using to talk to the OK Google application.

If Okay Google is not setup with your active language, it might not recognize anything you will be saying to your phone.

Try now to use the Okay Google, and see if that worked out!

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