How to block caller text SMS from a number on Android?

Block texts SMS from a phone number

When a phone number sends to much spammy SMS, or you don't want them to contact you anymore, an easy way to stop these text messages from reaching your phone is to block the sender from sending you text messages on Android.

How to block SMS text messages

Open the messages app, and select the more option on the top right corner. There, select the blocked messages option.

The block list will appear, and there will be displayed all the messages that have been blocked from reaching your phone number.

Add a new blocked text sender by taping the block list option in the top right corner, the icon of a contact.

In the block list, the list of contacts blocked from sending you text messages will be displayed.

Block a sender from sending SMS

Here, simply tap the plus icon to add a new blocked contact to the blocked list, and he won't be able to send text messages to your number anymore.

There are several ways to select the contacts that will be blocked from sending SMS text messages to your number: choose from the contacts list, choose from teh recent call logs, enter directly a phone number to be blocked from sending text messages, or enter a SIP number to block a VOIP number from sending SMS text messages.

Select your favorite option to add contacts to the text block list, and select all the contacts that should not be able anymore to write you any text message.

Once they have been selected and added to the blocked list, they will not be able to send you SMS text messages anymore.

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 2019-06-12 -  Szymon Owedyk
Dzięki za pomoc, ponieważ przyszło mi zablokować już ponad 100 numerów :)

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