Phone frozen how to force restart it with a hard reset

Having a phone (or, most likely, smartphone) not responding, probably making noise that won't stop until the non removable battery runs out of power ?

Do not panic, there is a simple solution, which is called power cycling, hard reset, hard reboot, force reboot, depending on the source.

Basically, it is equivalent to your computer's reset button : by pressing a combination of keys for some time, a battery disconnection will be simulated, forcing your hardware to reset, emptying the phone's memory, but NOT loosing any stored applications and saved data. Your phone will simply restart.

See below example for the following devices : Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Google Pixel, HTC Desire 626, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPad, iPod

1 - Android devices

Press Power + Volume down keys (it might be volume up on some devices) for 10 to 20 seconds.

The phone will then reboot automatically.

Example with a Samsung Galaxy S7 :

Example with a Samsung Galaxy S6 :

Example with a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 :

Example with a Google Pixel :

Example with HTC Desire 626 :

2 - iPhone, iPad, iPod devices

All Apple devices use the same combination to force a hard reboot : hold the power and home buttons.

Example for iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPad, iPod :

Hard reset iPhone

How do I restart my iPhone without a frozen home button

If only an app is frozen, double tap the home button, swipe left or right until finding the app that is frozen, and swipe it to the top of the screen – this will stop the app and unfreeze the phone.

If the whole iPhone is frozen, then the only solution is to hard reset the iPhone by pressing the sleep button and the home button at the same time for a few seconds, until the iphone will hard restart by itself.

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How do I unlock a frozen Samsung phone

When  a Samsung phone   is frozen, the only way to fix it is to trigger a hard reset by pressing at the same time the power button and volume down button, for a few seconds.

After more than 7 seconds pressing both power and volume down button, the phone will unlock itself from frozen state, and restart normally.

My Galaxy smartphone has frozen, how do I restart it?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to force restart Android phone quickly?
The most effective way is to press the power keys + volume down keys (on some devices this may be volume up) for 10-20 seconds. After that, the phone will automatically reboot.
Is it dangerous to force restart frozen Android phone?
No, it is generally not dangerous to force restart a frozen Android phone. In fact, it is often a necessary step to resolve issues caused by a frozen or unresponsive device.
What to do if the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge is frozen?
If your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is frozen, please do a soft reset, clear cache and app data. Reboot your device and hold down the power button. Please update your software. If the freezing issue persists, you may need to perform a factory reset. Don't forg
What are the steps for a hard reset to force restart a frozen phone, and what potential data risks does it pose?
Steps vary by phone model but generally involve pressing specific button combinations. Risks include potential data loss if unsaved data is not backed up.

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