Reset network settings Apple iPhone in few easy steps

Network reset Apple iPhone

When the Apple iPhone does not manage to connected to mobile data, or the Apple iPhone is searching networks but cannot connect to any mobile network, the solution is most likely to reset the network adapter, which will allow the Apple iPhone to have a fresh start at connecting to the required network.

How to reset network settings Apple iPhone

To perform a network reset settings, go to Settings > General, and select the Reset option.

Reset network settings Apple iPhone in few easy steps : iPhone general settings
iPhone general settings  

Now choose the Reset Network Settings, which has to be confirmed by selecting reset network settings a second time.

The Apple logo will show up, the phone will restart, and it will try connecting again to the network.

For WiFi networks, the eventual passwords must be entered again.

Reset network settings Apple iPhone in few easy steps : iPhone reset network setttings menu
iPhone reset network setttings menu  

What does reset network settings do

reset network settings will get rid of any previously saved WiFi connection, and all of them will have to be entered again after the network reset and the phone restart.

Data on the phone will not be lost, except for the WiFi connection‌ passwords, and the data that hasn't been saved before the phone restarted, such as draft messages or game progress.

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