How to retrieve deleted voicemail on Apple iPhone?

How to retrieve deleted voicemail on Apple iPhone?

Retrieve deleted voicemail

With Visual Voicemail installed on the Apple iPhone, it is possible to recover deleted voicemails from the Apple iPhone. When a voicemail has been deleted, on purpose or by mistake, from the standard phone operator voicemail box, it is not possible to recover it by any mean.

Retrieve voicemail with Visual Voicemail

In the Visual Voicemail app on Apple iPhone, open the Voicemail menu, which you can find at the bottom.

Find the list with actual messages, if necessary by scrolling down until it is visible on the Apple iPhone screen, and select the Deleted Messages menu, which is actually only displayed when voicemail messages have been deleted recently.

The exact time during which it is possible to access deleted voicemail depends entirely on the phone operator, therefore please check with them for accurate information.

Recover deleted voicemail

The recently deleted voice messages are accessible from that interface, and can be recovered by selecting them and using the Undelete option.

It is also possible to delete the messages permanently, this operation by totally non reversible, by using the Delete option, and all the voice messages from the list can be fully deleted by tapping the Clear All option, at the bottom.

Again, deleting messages from that application will make them disappear with no mean to backup and restore them later on.

If you want to get rid of all voicemail and avoid a third party accessing them later on, Visual Voicemail is also the place where you should have a look after having deleted them from your phone carrier.

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