How to force restart Apple iPhone?

Hard restart Apple iPhone

When the Apple iPhone stops answering to any command, meaning it is frozen, and nothing happens on the screen for a while, it can be considered as unresponsive.

It needs to be rebooted, with what is called a force restart, meaning making the phone restart no matter what, without using the standard touchscreen options.

How to force restart Apple iPhone

You have to press and hold at the same time the Power and the Volume down button, for more than 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears, at which point the buttons can be released.

It is important in this operation to holds power and volume down simultaneously. If it didn't work, it might be because it took too long to press the second button.

What happens if you restart your Apple iPhone

When you restart your Apple iPhone, the information that hasn't been saved will be lost, for example a draft SMS, or current game progress.

However, no information that has been saved can be lost, like contacts, emails, or messages in applications like iMessage, Whatsapp or Viber.

Put Apple iPhone in recovery mode

If the previous solutions did not work out for you, the last solution is to perform the backup and restore, by putting first the Apple iPhone in recovery mode.

Hard restart not working

If the hard restart did not allow the phone to reboot, and it is sure that the battery is charged, the only and last solution is to bring to phone to a repair center, as the issue is most likely a dead battery that must be replaced.

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