VINI SIM card French Polynesia, how to have mobile internet in Tahiti?

VINI SIM card French Polynesia, how to have mobile internet in Tahiti?

International SIM card in Tahiti

As Tahiti is one of the most remote island in the world, it also have one of the most expensive mobile internet in the world.

Even with a cheap international SIM card , expect prices at around 14€ or 15$ per MB of data, therefore making it much cheaper to get a local Tahiti SIM card , but not cheap so far.

VINI SIM card French Polynesia

For travelers, regardless of how long you stay, but as long as you are not residing In Tahiti , the best option to get mobile internet access In Tahiti is to get a VINI travel card, a local SIM card , one of the local mobile operators In Tahiti .

A passport, or another official identification document valid in French Polonesia, will be necessary to buy a local VINI travel card for mobile internet access in French Polonesia, and it will be necessary to visit one of their shop, which can be found on Google maps, for example in the Moana Nui mall.

VINI SIM card for international visitors in French Polynesia
VINI mobile phone store in Moana Nui mall

A VINI Tahiti SIM card costs 6000XPF (50€/56$), and includes 2GB of data that are valid for 2 weeks from the activation date.

VINI travel card for mobile internet access in French Polynesia

After that, you can recharge the SIM card by buying extra credit at one of the more than 200 shops that are selling credit refill for VINI, or by buying a refill card online.

The VINI credit refill available are the following:

  • 500XPF (4€/5$) for 100MB of mobile internet,

  • 1000XPF (8€/9$) for 200MB of mobile internet,

  • 2000XPF (17€/19$) for 400MB of mobile internet.

VINI refill card

VINI APN setup

After having installed the SIM card in the phone, and activated it at the shop, it will be necessary to activate VINI mobile internet by setting the correct VINI APN setup, also called an Access Point Name .

To do so, go to your phone settings > network and internet > mobile network > advanced > Access Point Name s, and tap on the plus icon to add a new APN for mobile internet access.

There, simply add a new APN that is called VINI, and for which the Access Point Name is called internet.

That's all, activate your mobile internet, and you will have internet access in the whole country on all islands with your VINI SIM card French Polynesia !

You can now share pictures of your travel adventures with your contacts remotely while visiting the amazing islands of French Polynesia .

VINI credit check

To check your remaining mobile phone credit balance on your VINI travel card, simply send an SMS with the code CONSO, which stands for consumption in French, to the number 7100, and wait for the result from the VINI network.

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