Australia visitor SIM card, what’s the best one?

Australia visitor SIM options

There are several options to get an Australia visitor SIM card, which is either get an  international SIM ‌  with low rate in Australia before going, such as DRIMSIM, or get a local SIM card on arrival at airport or in a shop, with plenty of options in Australia such as Lebara, Lycamobile, or Virgin mobile.

All of them will offer good rates for local calls, and some mobile Internet packages that can be useful in different situations. Depending on how long you stay, getting a SIM to fly Australia is only better if you are planning a short stay there. For a longer stay, it makes more sense to get a local SIM card.

With most mobile phone operators in Australia for prepaid SIM card, you will either have to buy a card for AU$2 and add credit afterwards, or buy a card already loaded with credit.

If you are only interested in a prepaid card, an Australia visitor SIM to have data and eventually place a few local phone calls, here are your best options:

Lycamobile Australia with 50GB data first month for AU$22.5 for new customers for the first month,
OPTUS Australia tourist SIM with 35GB for AU$30,
Lebara Australia with first month offering 36GB for AU$30.

MyLebara Australia SIM cards

If you buy Lebar a SIM card ‌  Australia for AU$2, you can credit the card with additional money.

There are no Lebara free SIM Australia, as the SIM for Lebara Australia must be either bought for AU$2 and credited afterwards, or bought with pre-existing credit.

The plans start at AU$15 for 3GB, and go up to AU$40 for 50GB, at least for the first month, after what the amount of mobile Internet to use in Australia is reduced. The contract with Lebara can anyway be stopped anytime, and all can be managed online on the MyLebara Australia website.

MyLebara Australia website

Lycamobile Australia SIM cards

Lycamobile Australia offers great prices, with first month at half price, and after that a standard price every month.

Their packages are starting at AU$10 for 1GB for 28 days, and can go up to AU$25 for 75GB the first month, and AU$50 per month after.

All the packages actually include unlimited calls and texts to Australia, as well as unlimited calls and text to another Lycamobile phone anywhere in the world.

Register Lyca SIM card Australia

Virgin mobile Australia SIM cards

The  Virgin mobile ‌  Australia isn’t a great choice as an Australia visitor SIM, as they only offer subscription options and no pre paid cards.

OPTUS Australia tourist SIM

One very good option for visitors, is to get an OPTUS Australia tourist SIM upon arrival in Australia, with 35GB of data for only AU$30, which is pretty good price. However, this only applies to the first and second recharge, after what it will be reduced to AU$10.

In the later case, simply buy a new SIM card to keep using the promotional price, if you don’t mind changing your phone number.

Order OPTUS Australia tourist SIM

DRIMSIM in Australia

In Australia, the  DRIMSIM ‌  is a good solution for a short stay if you don’t need much data, as it only costs 10€ per GB, which isn’t much if you don’t want to bother getting a local card.

Choosing the right Australia visitor SIM

The best option as always, is to get  a SIM card ‌  upon arrival in Australia, and to get a monthly package, which will be close to unlimited calls, texts and Internet, for about AU$30.

Which one did you choose? Let us know in comment.

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