10 Reasons To Use Signal Private Messenger

What is Signal Private Messenger, and why use it?

With the growing concern for privacy from many users, and as the famous WhatsApp Messenger is soon requiring a Facebook account in order to be used, as they are using your private information to target display ads or resell your information in other ways, there is a growing demand for private and encrypted conversation and data exchange, via mobile phones and computer software.

The Signal Private Messenger application will help your smartphone conversations to become fully encrypted, with no one except your recipient contacts able to access your information.

What is Signal Private Messenger? A free to use fully encrypted instant messaging application, managed by a nonprofit organization

Should you switch to Signal Private Messenger just yet? While it is short of a status update functionality, it has many other qualities, and already is great for secure communication.

See for yourself, and let us know in comment if you have already switched to Signal and which other amazing functionalities are missing from the list - or what are your concerns!

Reasons To Use Signal Private Messenger
  1. Send messages and react to them in conversation
  2. Create group conversations and fully manage them
  3. Share pictures and videos
  4. Include GIFs directly from your keyboard
  5. Share any document with full privacy
  6. Share encrypted contacts
  7. Encrypted location sharing
  8. Private encrypted audio sharing
  9. Disappearing messages
  10. Connect and sync your other devices

Send messages and react to them in conversation

Just like it is the case in the Facebook Messenger application, using Signal you can simply show your contacts that you have acknowledged their messages by sending a quick reaction to a specific message.

But, unlike the popular Facebook application, using Signal you can add any emoticon reaction you like from your phone! From cowboys to sport emojis, it goes further than the classic love, thumb up, thumb down, laugh, surprise, angry emojis.

A feature that was present in Viber Messenger but highly missed in WhatsApp Messenger for example.

Create group conversations and fully manage them

Just like on most other applications, you can create group conversations and invite your friends, or set other friends as administrators so that they can add or remove contacts themselves.

But with Signal Private Messenger, it goes even further! You will be able to invite anyone by sharing a group link, start group calls, share pictures and documents, react to their messages with emojis, all with the assurance that your conversations will remain private.

Share pictures and videos

Nowadays, taking pictures and videos and sharing them with your contacts is a basic daily task that must be included in all applications. It is of course the case with Signal Private Messenger, and you will be able to simply modify them with basic image edition tools, such as free hand drawing and writing for example.

Include GIFs directly from your keyboard

No need to open the application GIF player to find an animated image anymore with Signal Private Messenger... now you can easily search for them and share them with your contacts from the comfort of your favorite keyboard.

Simply make sure that the GIF shortcut is accessible on your keyboard, which might require a short customization, and tap it whenever you want to react with a fun animated picture from a huge GIF repository!

Share any document with full privacy

Include documents in your conversations that will be shared to your contact with full privacy, as they will be encrypted and nobody else, except yourself and your contacts, will be able to open your files.

This is probably one of the best solution for professional instant messaging usage on both mobile phones and computers, as the data will be fully encrypted and unusable by anyone else.

Share encrypted contacts

The same way that you are sharing documents, you will be able to share encrypted contacts, meaning that no one will be able to know that you have shared one of your phone's contact with the recipient to whom you are sending these information.

Again, the whole exchange is fully encrypted, and only yourself and your recipient will have access to that information. No more usage of your contacts to target ads on other platforms!

Encrypted location sharing

Whenever you are sharing locations on standard messenger applications, these information can be used against you to targer ads, or other applications.

However, with Signal Private Messenger, nobody will be able to access any of the location sharing that you have performed with your contacts - except them, of course.

Private encrypted audio sharing

As all communication are encrypted by default on the app and are not shared with any third party, the audio recordings that you can send to your contacts are encrypted as well, and won't be used against you.

Disappearing messages

At any time, you are able to setup your future messages to auto destruct after a given time, from 5 seconds to one week.

This will not only ensure that external entities won't read your encrypted messages, as it is already the case, but also that even if someone else gets access to your phone, or your contact's phone, there will be no way to access these messages and their content, as they will have been destroyed after the countdown has been reached.

Connect and sync your other devices

By either installing a desktop application on your computer, or by installing the app on other devices such as your tablet, you will be able to sync and keep the conversations privately going with your contacts.

The ease of connection of the other apps is pretty smooth, and there is no trouble to keep exchanging privately with your contacts from your phone to your desktop, and accessing the various documents included in the conversation.

In conclusion

The recent Signal Private Messenger has many qualities, and is at least at the level of other main instant messaging apps, with several amazing functionalities that makes the application a great choice for privacy.

If you haven't tried it or switched yet, try it out - the application is totally free, no charge and no displayed ads, and will help your smartphone keeping its data private!

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