5 Tricks To Meet People On Bumble

Bumble is a dating app created by Whitney Wolfe Herd, former co-founder of Tinder. Wolfe Herd, however, decided to leave the group in 2014 after a controversial harassment and discrimination lawsuit against the company. An experience that ended in the worst possible way.

Bumble is a social network based on mutual respect, kindness and trust that helps users find sincere communication and make new contacts. Bumble is the first app of its kind that combines dating, making friends and building a career on one platform.

Check out our Bumble App tips. And then you can become a dating app star if you do it right.

She denounced the former boss, as well as a former partner, for harassment and the previous company for discrimination. With Bumble, not only a new app was born, but a real feminist manifesto.

What is Bumble? A dating app where women have to message first after matching

What makes Bumble unique, is that after the standard dating app matchmaking process with left swipe for dismiss, right swipe for match, and super like against a fee (called a Bumble Boost), or be shown to more people, also against a fee, what truly makes the Bumble app unique is that after matching, the women have to message first: no cheesy pickup lines! Women only contact who they really want to be talking with.

Using Bumble is simple, just open the app and swipe (left or right depending on who we like and who doesn't) the profiles of other people. That's all. But to make your Bumble account successful you need to do much more: organize it perfectly and make it effective.

OK, but how do you do it?

Here are several Bumble tricks to make your account as effective and fascinating as possible.

The Photos

The first of the Bumble tricks is to avoid the most common mistake usually made, that is to put photos that are seemingly unnatural. Photos that have been retouched, or posed, do not get much like. When we choose the photos to put on our profile it is better to focus on the most spontaneous ones, that are enhancing our best features.

Portraits and half-lengths are the photos that show our face the most, and they are fine if it is the face that we want to enhance. But if instead we focus on our body, on our height or our physicality, it is better to select photos that show us whole. A good mix of both is a great way to complete your profile.

Photo Bumble trick: be yourself on pictures - funny, classy, or whatever makes you move

The photos then have to represent us. They have to say who we are, what we like to do, what our passions are; this will allow us to trigger chat talks about what we like.

Make sure to include a range of pictures that represents you the most: what you look like everyday, what makes you move, what you really like to do, what's in your life.

But avoid putting group pictures: focus has to be on yourself alone!

The Bio

Second of the Bumble tricks is to avoid the mistake that is often made to leave the biography blank. It should never be done. Of course, it is not easy to describe yourself, yet it serves the purpose of giving depth to your profile. The biography is essential, it serves to keep people on your profile a few more seconds, but also to describe your photos, describe what you like, what your hobbies and passions are : all things that you will use in chat, but we'll see that later.

Bio Bumble trick: fill it with as much general details as possible - keep it simple yet interesting

Another important thing in your description is the geographic location. It must absolutely be updated: if your have changed cities you have to write it down, and the same also applies when you travel. Finding new partners is easy if you make it clear where you are, because closeness allows you to see each other, and to talk about where you are.

The Matches

The next of the Bumble tricks is to swipe as much as possible to attract the most possible matches!

When your profile has some captivating photos, an updated geographic location and a good description of who you are then you are ready to go making new connections. All you have to do is say like or dislike on other people's photos. Among those you like, someone will like you too, and here starts the match.

Match means that you both like each other. Once the match has started, you will be able to chat and write to the other person, if you are a lady – if you’re a male, you’ll have to wait for her to message first on Bumble. But what is better to say?

If you are a man, then you'll have to wait for the lady to message first - if she wants to. If you're a lady, then get your writing game ready for an interesting new conversion!

One of the most common mistakes is making too explicit praise. The risk is to make others uncomfortable, and intimidate them. Keep in mind that then, if all goes well, you will see that person live and therefore it is better not to say excessive things, which would automatically create discomfort during a meeting.

The best things to say are simple, original, and sincere.

By keeping the conversation going long enough, you'll be able to get to the contacts exchange phase, and hopefully to plan a real life meeting together.

Extra Bumble trick: activate extra boosts

The last of the Bumble tricks is to activate the Bumble boost against a fee. It will unlock a lot of new functionalities that are not accessible to the free accounts.

Bumble boost functionalities
  1. People that swiped right on you will be automatically matches
  2. Possibility to rematch with any expired match
  3. Unlimited time extension to first message
  4. Unlimited search filters
  5. Second match chance with backtrack after a left swipe

While prices vary depending on your country or Bumble registration and the payment used (Credit Card, PayPal or Google Wallet), but it ranges between around US$4 for a day of Bumble Boost to US$90 for a lifetime of Bumble Boost tricks!

Extra Bumble trick: activate spotlights

The next of the Bumble tricks to meet more people is to register to the Bumble Spotlight offer. It will basically get your profile to be shown more often.

Each spotlight lasts for a few hours and costs 2 coins, and you can buy 10 coins for US$10, or 60 coins for US$40.

Extra Bumble trick: change your phone location

If you feel like you deserve more matches on Bumble dating application, another solution is to change the GPS location of your phone to match people in other areas!

Especially useful before moving to a new place or preparing a trip, it can also be a good option to match people further away than the 161 kilometers default matching range.

Change geolocation data on iPhone

Last trick: increase your chances by using other apps

Finally, applying Facebook Dating tricks or Badoo tricks on the Bumble app, or on these other apps, will let you multiply your chances of meeting someone you like.

Although it can be time consuming, on the long term it might just give you more chances to find exactly what you are looking for!

Conclusion: Bumble Tricks wrap-up

By following all these Bumble tricks the result is guaranteed over time. Do not forget to keep swiping in your area to get more Bumble bees in your hive!

By remembering education and mutual respect you will have a thousand more opportunities. You will meet new people in serenity and yes, all this simply thanks to an app, and these few easy to follow Bumble tricks that can app;y to any profile!

★★★★☆ Bumble App Bumble is a dating app focused on women needs and is a great way to make interesting matches that will go further than a simple hookup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Bumble tips?
To succeed on Bumble, use high-quality and clear photos, don't leave your bio empty, be simple and sincere, and activate additional bonuses and tricks.
How to activate Spotlight on Bumble?
To activate Spotlight on Bumble, follow these steps: Open the Bumble app on your device. Tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen to access your profile. Locate the Spotlight option and tap on it. Review the information about Spotlight and its features, if prompted. Choose the duration for your Spotlight session. You can select options such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours. Confirm your selection and proceed.
What are effective tips for Bumble for girls?
Here are some effective tips for girls using Bumble choose photos wisely, create an engaging bio, take the initiative, be selective, be clear about your intentions, take precautions, be open-minded. Remember, the most important tip is to be yourself and h
How can users optimize their Bumble experience to foster meaningful connections?
Optimizing the Bumble experience involves creating a genuine profile, being proactive in conversations, using the app’s filters to find compatible matches, and engaging respectfully.

Bumble free tricks to meet people

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