How to get secretly featured for free on Badoo?

Learn how to get featured on Badoo for free and boost your profile's visibility with our insightful guide. Discover tips for enhancing your experience on the platform and connecting with more users without spending a dime.

There is a way to get featured for free on Badoo, without using any credit, watching advertisement to get them, or buying them with real life money - and this is even possible without showing anybody that you are actually looking on Badoo!

In general, when getting featured for free, you have to share your profile on social networks, which would let everyone know that you are looking for somebody else to meet.

However, there is an easy Badoo trick to do it without anybody knowing that you are looking for new people to meet on Badoo!

And all of this, without paying the standard price of 100 credits, which can be as low as US$1, depending on the country in which you are browsing the Badoo meeting application.

First of all, when logging in, you might sometimes get this offer to get featured for free. It is not a scam, simply click on try for free to get featured for free on Badoo - and even secretly without anybody knowing, by following our guide.

In order to get featured for free, you'll have to share the Badoo application invite on one social network, either Facebook or Twitter.

That is not a problem, select Facebook to be able to share the invite secretly, and not have anybody know that you are looking to meet new people.

Select Facebook sharing privacy setting

Now, the Badoo trick to be featured secretly for free on Badoo, is to select the appropriate sharing option on Facebook to share the Badoo link without having anybody being able to see it.

Tap on the sharing option on the right side of the share to news feed option, which will lead you to a hidden menu that will allow to change the privacy settings of the Badoo invitation post that you must publish on Facebook to get featured for free.

Tap on the more privacy options button in case the for myself only option is not directly visible on screen.

Now, select the option For myself only once it is visible. This mean that the post with an invitation link to Badoo will be shared on your Facebook profile, but nobody will every see it, it will only be visible by yourself!

This is how you will get secretly featured for free, as nobody from your social network connections will be aware that you are getting featured on Badoo.

And that's it! After a few minutes, your picture will be displayed for free in application main's screen ribbon.

THis is how you will get much more clicks on your profile and likes, as more people will see your picture and will be able to interact with you.

All of this for free for 24 hours, and without even having to spend any real money, or any application credit!

To get secretly featured on Badoo, use the Facebook sharing option, as it is the only one that has a possibility to hide the post that will be shared by the Badoo application.

Then, once in the Facebook sharing page, select the privacy options, tap on the more privacy settings to have all sharing privacy settings possibilities displayed, and select the sharing option for myself only.

Using our Badoo tricks, the post shared will only be visible by yourself, and nobody will know that you are browsing Badoo to meet new people - at least from your social network's contacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free credits on Badoo using Facebook?
You can choose to post to Facebook to share the Badoo link without anyone else seeing it. After posting on Facebook, you can get free credits and use them.
What are the benefits of getting featured on Badoo?
Getting featured on Badoo increases your profile's visibility, making it more likely that other users will discover and interact with you. This enhanced exposure can lead to more connections, chats, and potential matches, improving your overall experience on the platform.
How does Badoo's Rise Up feature work and is it free?
Badoo's Rise Up feature is a paid option that boosts your profile to the top of local search results for a limited time, usually 30 minutes. This increases your visibility to other users in your area, helping you get noticed and connect with more people. The Rise Up feature is not free and requires the use of Badoo credits, which can be purchased through the app or earned by completing certain tasks.
Can I increase my Badoo profile visibility without getting featured or using paid features like Rise Up?
Yes, you can increase your Badoo profile visibility without getting featured or using paid features. Boost your visibility by updating your profile with new photos and interesting information regularly, verifying your profile to show other users that you're genuine, and engaging with other users through messaging, liking their photos, and participating in Badoo encounters. Additionally, log in and use the app frequently to maintain an active presence. While these methods might not have the same immediate impact as getting featured or using Rise Up, they can still help you gain more attention and connections over time.
Can I get featured for free on Badoo chat?
Yes, it is possible to get featured for free on Badoo chat. You can increase your chances of getting featured by regularly using the app, uploading high-quality photos, and being active in the Badoo community.
How to chat on Badoo for free?
Sign up for a free Badoo account. Set up your profile. If you meet someone you're interested in, tap on the heart icon or swipe right to like their profile. To start a conversation, click the Chat or Message button. Badoo offers some basic messaging f
Are there ethical ways to increase visibility and get featured on Badoo without payment?
Ethical ways include optimizing your profile, being active and engaging on the platform, and utilizing Badoo's features like completing challenges or participating in daily tasks.

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Comments (2)

 2020-06-05 -  Yvonne Craig
I used to get this offer to be 'featured' for free quite often. Now suddenly I'm not getting it at all & therefore the matches are stagnant. Can someone please explain the change? To go from lots of 'free features' to no offer to be featured at all??
 2020-06-05 -  Yvonne Craig
This is decided by the Badoo team. Most likely, they only offer the feature when they lack paying users. At the moment, it might be the case that they have enough of them - and therefore do not need to give it for free to get users in the featured field.

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