8 Valuable Tips That New iPhone Users Will Appreciate

8 Valuable Tips That New iPhone Users Will Appreciate

Comparing the smartphone market, the usual choice often comes down between iOS and Android.

According to Statista, roughly 70 percent of mobile device users prefer Android, whereas iOS has a market share of 27 or so percent.

Now, the fact that iPhones are so behind in the market share does not mean that they are inferior. If anything, some would argue that iOS is superior to its competition.

One of the main reasons behind people not picking iPhones is the price. It is no secret that Apple devices have a premium price tag, but the investment is usually worth it.

In case you purchased  an iPhone   for yourself and would like to discover its features that are not right on the nose to master the device, this article should come in quite handy.

Enable the Dark Mode

Let’s start with the dark mode feature. Gone are the days when you needed to adjust the smartphone’s brightness whenever using it in low-light settings.

No, the consumers asked for it, and Apple released it with iOS 13. To enable the dark mode, click on the Settings tab and choose Display and Brightness.

The screen gives you the option to switch between the dark and light modes at the top. You can also adjust brightness and enable the Night Shift feature in the same tab.

Change the Default Applications

The default applications are tailor-made for digital devices, and iPhones are no exception. However, you might find that alternatives offer better overall performance or features that are missing in default apps.

As such, head to the App Store and check what you can get. Some of the most common app replacements include internet browsers and an email app.

One other thing to add is that even if you are not looking to replace default apps, checking the App Store is worth it as you might discover quite a few neat applications.

Add Widgets to the Home Screen

The home screen customization is pretty limited when it comes to iPhones. However, other than rearranging applications, you can now add widgets to the home screen.

The feature appeared in iOS 14. Thus, if you want to add a widget to your iPhone’s home screen, click on an empty area on the screen and hold it. You will see a plus sign. Tap on it, and add a widget you want.

Scan QR Codes

Having a built-in QR scanner comes in handy when you want to save some money. To access the scanner, go to the iPhone’s home screen and swipe from top to bottom. The Control Center tab will have a small QR icon.

Check What Siri Has

Siri receives new updates with each iOS version. Since more and more people are relying on digital assistants, it is to be expected that Apple wishes to improve Siri and make the everyday lives of iPhone users even simpler.

Naming every Siri function would be difficult, but the most commonly used include:

  • Making phone calls and sending texts
  • Asking for directions
  • Doing a Google search
  • Making an appointment
  • Taking pictures
  • Checking voicemails
  • Increasing and decreasing the device’s volume
  • Increasing and decreasing the brightness
  • Asking for the weather updates
  • Solving math problems
  • Rolling the dice

Early on, you might find it a bit unusual to use Siri, but once you discover how smart and intuitive the AI is, you will start to question yourself as to why you did not do it before.

Protect Your iPhone

As a rule of thumb, Apple devices are quite reliable and durable, with iPhones not being an exception.

Nevertheless, one should not underestimate potential threats that could be lurking on the internet or other sources.

For example, you might want to connect to a MacBook and transfer files from or to it. But does a mac need antivirus software in such a case, or having an antivirus app on  an iPhone   should be enough? Well, it depends on one’s personal preference.

For safety purposes, it is recommended to protect both devices. Anti-malware tools scan, detect, and eliminate threats, which is a big advantage.

Recover Lost Messages

Deleting messages accidentally does not mean that they are lost forever. Now, such an occurrence is common, and it is natural that you can find tools that help with the problem.

Recovering lost messages on  an iPhone   is possible with either iCloud or iTunes backups. Thus, do not fret if you remove an important message on accident.

Measure Dimensions

The last bit of advice is to measure dimensions. The measure app is also one of the most recent iOS additions, and it lets you measure dimensions by detecting them. Keep in mind, though, that measures are approximate. If you need precise numbers, you might still need to use traditional measurement tools.

Make good use of these basic tips for iPhone users. Because when you get your iPhone, you need to know in advance about its features that will help you quickly master this device.

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