Samsung claims devices are eligible for Android update

Samsung claims devices are eligible for Android update

Today, the possibilities of  a smartphone   are almost unlimited and in many ways can even replace a personal computer. In addition to the obvious functions, such as taking pictures, calls and SMS,  a smartphone   will make unlimited communication available to you and greatly simplify the daily life of every person.

But for every smartphone, support in the form of updates from the creators is very important. A good example is Samsung smartphone updates.

At the end of last year, Samsung announced its intention to extend the terms of software support for its smartphones. According to the new rules, all brand devices released after 2019 will receive not two, but three new versions of Android. Sounds great considering that even Google has limited support for its devices to just two years. But Samsung did not plan to be limited only to annual updates. Her plans included extending the release of regular security updates to 4 years. I extended it, but it turned out somehow very strange. Consider what's wrong.

Before we get into the quirks of Samsung's new support policy, let's take a look at how regular manufacturers update their smartphones:

  • The first two years are annual Android updates and monthly security updates, of which there should be at least 12;
  • The third year includes only quarterly security updates, the total number of which is not more than 4 per year.

Support for Samsung smartphones

Therefore, when Samsung announced that security updates for its smartphones, which were expected to extend support, would be released for 4 years, everyone had a natural question. It consisted in the timing of the release of regular patches aimed at fixing bugs.

Needless to say, no one expected Samsung to release them monthly for the duration of the support. However, many hoped that during the third year they would come out every month, but in the fourth year Samsung will switch to a quarterly cycle. It looked logical and fully justified. However, the Koreans had their own opinion on this matter.

As it turned out, during the third year, Samsung will release security updates for its smartphones, as before, once a quarter, and for the fourth - once every six months. That is, during the final year of software support, the branded devices of the Korean company will receive only 2 security updates.

Samsung security updates

So what happens? And the fact that Samsung has very famously twisted all users around the finger. Of course, the company should be given credit for the third Android update, which they are going to bestow on their users. It's really worth it. Well, I would also declare three years of support, because the fourth year looks like a real mockery. Just two patches?

It is obvious that Samsung will make a minimum of support efforts during the fourth year. But on the other hand, how beautiful the number 4 sounds compared to 2 or at least 3 years that other manufacturers offer their users. But if they give up support already in the second year, that is at least fair. And four years, of which two are somehow circumcised, this is no longer comme il faut.

Security updates are great precisely because of their regularity. They fix a large number of bugs and vulnerabilities in smartphone firmware, increasing the level of their security. But, if they come out once a quarter or once every half a year, then their value is lost, simply because Google has the so-called Google Play system updates. They contain fixes for critical flaws, fixing what the security patches did not fix. And since they are there, then there is practically no sense in the fourth year of support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are Samsung smartphone updates for security?
Security updates for Samsung smartphones are good because they fix a large number of bugs and vulnerabilities in smartphone firmware, increasing their security level. This is important for the correct operation of your device.
How can I report Samsung claims?
To report a claim to Samsung, follow these steps: Gather all the necessary information about the claim. Contact Samsung Customer Support through their official website or customer service hotline. Samsung Customer Support will guide you through the claim process. If you encounter difficulties or an unsatisfactory solution, ask that your grievance be escalated to a manager or higher support team.
What should I do if my Samsung device is not eligible for an Android update?
If your Samsung device is not eligible for an Android update, it means that the device may not meet the necessary hardware requirements or has reached the end of its software update lifecycle. In such cases, it's important to note that your device will st
What criteria determine Samsung device eligibility for Android updates, and how can users check their device’s status?
Criteria include the device’s age, model, and hardware capabilities. Users can check update eligibility in the device settings or Samsung's official website.

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