How to block caller ID on Android smartphones?

Why block your number caller ID

It might be necessary sometimes to block a caller ID, in order to stop receiving any communication from that specific number, for example to avoid a number that keeps spamming with text messages, or giving unwanted phone calls.

In that case, the only solution to get rid of any communication from them is to block the number on your Android smartphone.

How to block caller ID

To block a number and stop it from calling or from sending you text messages on Android phone, the caller ID must be added to a block list on the phone, a list of all numbers that will not be able to reach the phone by call or message.

To reject a caller ID, start by opening the phone application, and select the more option in the top right corner, where you can select the block list menu.

In the block list application, there is an icon with a contact on the top right corner, tapping on the icon will get you to the block list menu.

Block list menu

Once in the block list, the list of blocked caller IDs will be displayed.

By tapping on the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, it is possible to add caller ID to the block list, which will prevent them from contacting you at all.

From there, there are several ways to add caller IDs to the block list, either by choosing them from the contact list, by selecting them from the recent call logs, by entering directly a specific phone number, or by entering an SIP virtual number to block a VOIP caller.

That's it, adding the contacts to that block list will prevent them from contacting you by phone call or text message.

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