How to fix mobile data not working on Android?

Mobile data not working Android

When having no  mobile data ‌  on an Android phone, if it cannot access the Internet with the 3G connection, or it won't connect to the mobile network connection, there are several ways to solve the issue.

Check mobile data settings

First of all, start by restarting your phone, as a phone reset is sometimes solving all problems.

After the phone has successfully rebooted, check that the normal phone network connection is working, and that the SIM card has access to the phone network. You should be able to place phone voice calls, otherwise the mobile Internet cannot work.

Then, check mobile network data settings by going to Settings > data usage. There, it is important to check that the cellular data mobile Internet is activated, and that there is no data limit preventing the phone from accessing mobile Internet data on Android.

Setup an Access Point Name

Now, another reason that the phone is not connected to Internet is that no  Access Point Name ‌  has been setup. An APN is necessary to access mobile data.

Go to settings > More > cellular network settings > access point names, and make sure that an APN is setup.

If that is not the case, simply add a new one, call it Internet, and add an APN name that is internet.

It might be the case that your specific network provider necessitates more details to connect to Internet in your current region, especially when roaming.

The best thing to do is to check on your carrier's website what are the APN settings for your current country, and set it up.

Activate data roaming

In case you are roaming, meaning you are using your phone in another country that the one in which you've bought the SIM card, you must activate the data roaming option.

Go to settings > more > cellular network settings, and activate the data roaming option.

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