How to fix iTunes Error 3600 in few steps?

What is iTunes error 3600?

The "iTunes error 3600" is a common issue that customers face when performing different iTunes tasks or operations. This error often occurs when upgrading your device's software to the latest version, downgrading the software to a previous version, restoring the device data using iTunes on Windows or IOS, when the restoring process is interrupted or if iTunes is used by a jailbroken IOS device. Because the error may occur as a result of a wide variety of reasons, people find it annoying and stressful, especially if they haven't performed a backup to iCloud‌ before it happened and they are afraid to lose all their Instagram posts‌ saved on their devices.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with troubleshooting measures as this error may result in severe data loss or completely ruin your phone. The following guide will help you solve the problem.

How to quickly fix iTunes error 3600?

Most of the solutions for the iTunes error 3600 involve the use of software toolkits such as a free iPhone repair software. Many software toolkits are effective system recovery programs, for instance, the "FoneDog Toolkit-IOS System Recovery", "iMyFone TunesFix" or TunesCare software‌ toolkits can help you solve the error without causing data losses - however, it is best to perform an iPhone‌ data backup beforehand, just to be sure.

Through a quick internet search, you may be able to find many more toolkits that can help you fix the iTunes error 3600. Nonetheless, the solving procedure is almost the same for all of them:

  • 1. Install the program on your computer by following the installation steps.
  • 2. Launch the program.
  • 3. Connect your device to the computer.
  • 4. Wait until the program recognizes your device.
  • 5. Lookup for a "System Recovery", "Start", "Fix", "Repair", etc. button and click on it.
  • 6. Once the process is done, iTunes and your device should be updated to the latest firmware.
How to fix iTunes Error 3600 in few steps? : Fix iTunes Sync Problems on TunesCare
Fix iTunes Sync Problems on TunesCare  

Warning before doing it:

  • If the device was jailbroken before, it will return to its normal state.
  • Your device will be updated to the IOS latest version.
  • If the fixing was done correctly, no data should be lost.
  • If the process fails, you may need to restart the fixing process.
  • If the device was not fixed, there could be a hardware problem on your phone.
  • Most of the Toolkit software can be downloaded for free on the internet. Yet, it is important to mention that sometimes these programs have a paid version that grants access to new and better features.

Other common ways to solve the iTunes error 3600

As seen before, this iTunes error 3600 may be caused by interruptions in the updating process of the device. Therefore, a common solution is to ensure that the device is directly connected to the computer, namely, do not use external connection ports.

Turn your device off and back on again

"Have you tried turning your device off and on?" Yes, it is possible that you have not restarted your device in a long time. This could cause problems when updating the device. Restart your computed and phone before trying to perform any operations on iTunes.

Check settings and software

Check your computer and device settings and security software. This means to check that date, time and zone are set correctly, login as the administrator of the computer (not as a guest).

Windows Defender firewall

The windows defender firewall may cause problems when updating the device. Try turning the firewall off while updating the device. Do not forget to turn it on again after the operation is finished!

Best solution to fix iTunes error 3600

At the end, in order to avoid any issue and fix all problems with your precious software like iTunes error 3600, the best solution is to download and install the TunesCare software, coupled with a free iPhone repair software‌ to clean your programs.

You can even extend the protection by getting the ReiBoot recovery software‌ and be safe from most issues possible on both iTunes software, iPhone and iPad devices.

  Download TunesCare and fix iTunes error 3600
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