How to fix No Service on a Samsung Galaxy S9

Problem description

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Reset network settings

First step, after having restarted your phone, is to try to reset your network settings.

In the Settings > Backup and reset menu, select reset network settings.

Manually connect to network

In the Settings > Mobile networks, select network mode, and then select network operator.

The phone will search for all the available network carriers in your area, and will list them.

Select your carrier, for example Verizon 3G. The phone will take some time to connect to this carrier, you can then test if that was working.

Test the SIM card on another phone

If your phone is properly configured, but cannot connect to the service, try the SIM card on another phone.

The check on another phone will show you if the SIM card is working properly or not. If not, it might be best to contact your carrier and ask for another card, or to activate it.

If the SIM is working, and all above steps didn’t work, the last resort is to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

Factory reset

When nothing is working, the last option is to reset the phone, by going in the Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset menu.

Before doing so, make sure that all your important documents have been saved on another device, as this operation will delete all data on your phone.


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