How To Get Imessages On Your PC?

Getting iMessages on PC, is that even possible?

Everyone loves iMessages on their Iphone. It is simple to use and its very fast. What if I told you that getting iMessages on a PC, is very simple? There are three methods to get iMessages on PC, one is to get the app from Chrome remote desktop.

The other method is to is to install imessages using iPadian, and the last one one is to get iMessages after a jailbreak. All three of the methods are going to work, it just comes down to personal preference – remember to either backup to iCloud or, even better, to perform a full iPhone data backup before starting anything, in order to be sure to have the ability to fully recover all your data in case anything goes wrong.

First method: Chrome remote app

The first method is to download iMessages is using a Chrome remote app. You first download “Chrome remote” on your PC and your Mac, and once installed, simply open it up on both devices. Then download the Chrome Remote host section, this one will be enabled on your Mac.

This enables you to connect to the PC. After that you just follow the simple on screen instructions, and sooner than later you will be able to access all your files from your Mac, on a PC. This method is very simple and the result is flawless.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Second method: iPadian app

Who needs a Mac? This method has you download the iPadian app. It is a device that makes your PC look like an iPad. Next, launch the app when it is fully done downloading. After that you then you can search “iMessages,” in the app.

This will then pull up the iMessages app and you can then download it. Lastly, open the iMessages app and you are good to go.

iPadian Premium – The Best iOS and iPad simulator

Third method: jailbreak your PC

The two methods above have you download an app that is very generic. Although, there is one more way to get iMessages on PC that can work for you. This methods involves jailbreaking your PC.

First you are going to want to install the IOS 11 Cydia application, Cydia is a app that can be used to jailbreak devices, like we going to do. When it is finished downloading, open up the application, and go into the remote message section. Then you are going to download that as well.

When it is done downloading, open the application and go into the settings. There will be button click it to start it up. Then, you will create a remote connection by putting in a username and password. Next you are going to want to open a new browser, copy your the IP address on your PC, and put in the username and password that you created. After that you are done.

This method is a bit more technical, but if you like jailbreaking and experimenting, then this is the perfect method for you.

Cydia Cloud | Cydia Download on all iOS version (No jailbreak needed)

Which method to chose?

Those are the three methods to installing iMessages on your PC. All three methods are reliable and safe. With the three methods you will be able to send, receive and add people just like on an iPhone – don’t forget to do a full iPhone data backup before trying anything, in case you need later to recover some data.

Even if you don’t need to get iMessages on PC, you can still use your PC, to help recover lost messages on your iPhone from a full iPhone data backup. So this is multi-sided. In the end these are the best options to getting iMessages on your PC, safe and easily.


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