Instagram: how to get a rainbow circle around your avatar?

Since the month of June, which celebrates Pride month around the world, Instagram has added a new way to celebrate it, with a specific feature that might seems hidden at first, but is actually very easy to unlock!

A rainbow ring will appear around the avatars of users that are using some specific pride stickers in their stories to celebrate the pride month.

This rainbow circle that is shown can be had by anyone that uses the right stickers!

Rainbow circle on Instagram story

The rainbow circle on Instagram stories has always had a specific signification, and users are used to the standard ones that already existed before.

An Instagram orange and pink circle around a user avatar means that the contact has created a new story that hasn't been visited by your account yet.

An Instagram green circle means that the contact story has been shared only to the close friends list selection of that person - and yes, it also means that you are part of their close friends list.

An Instagram grey circle around a user avatar shows that you are up to date with their updates, and have already seen all of them.

However, the newly introduced rainbow circle on Instagram stories shows that the users have posted something related to the pride month and that the contact has included some pride month specific content in their stories, to openly show their support - and to celebrate it. They are therefore rewarded with a rainbow ring on Instagram story notification for everybody to see.

Instagram: how to get a rainbow circle?

  • Create a new story on your Instagram account
  • Select the content that you will share in your story
  • Add a sticker using the stick feature of Instagram story
  • Use one of the rainbow colored pride month stickers on your story
  • Publish your story containing a rainbow sticker
  • See the rainbow circle around your Instagram story notifications

What are the different pride month stickers?

There are six stickers available for Instagram stories to celebrate the pride month.

Three of them are shown in the stickers selection, and each of them can be changed to a different one by tapping on it after having adding it in your story creation.

One of the stickers represents two personas in form of heart, one colored with a rainbow, and the other one with a mix of white, blue and pink stripes.

The alternate sticker that appears by clicking on it is a dalmatian dog holding a pride flat.

The next sticker is a man doing a strange pose - by tapping on it, another man in a similar pose will be shown.

The last sticker is a man in a rainbow circle wheelchair with his hand up.

By tapping on the last sticker, a woman holding a heart shaped rainbow mirror will appear.

All of these stickers can be used on any of your stories to get a rainbow circle.

Rainbow hashtags

On top of the stickers, it is also possible to use rainbow hashtags to get the rainbow sticker:

  • #LGBTQ
  • #Pride2020
  • #EqualityMatters
  • #BornPerfect
  • #AccelerateAcceptance

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make rainbow story Instagram?
A rainbow ring will appear around the avatars of users using certain pride stickers in their stories to celebrate the pride moon. This rainbow circle shown can be had by anyone using the correct stickers.

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