How To Find An Instagram Account By Photo Or Other Methods?

How To Find An Instagram Account By Photo Or Other Methods?

According to data obtained as a result of research conducted by the We Are Social agency in conjunction with the Hootsuite service, in 2022 the audience of Instagram grew to 1.45 billion. At the same time, more than 30 million people use the social network in Russia every month.

There is no doubt that Instagram is a huge base. Here you can meet many acquaintances, from neighbors to school friends and distant relatives. But how to find the right person among a billion users? Let's analyze the most effective search methods to view Instagram stories and  Instagram posts   of a given person you are trying to find - even if you don't use Instagram yourself.

Find people on Instagram

Finding an Instagram account requires quite a bit of effort. And it may not always work out the first time for you. But if you have this goal in front of you, then read carefully the practical advice and you will succeed.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have the same convenient filter for finding people as in other social networks. Here you can not set data such as country of residence, age, work, interests and place of study. This is due to the policy of the social network. Instagram cares about privacy, so it is assumed that, if desired, the user himself will share his profile with others, and if he wishes, he will close the account and remain anonymous.

Finding a person here is not an easy task, but with due effort it is still a doable task. You can search for multiple data.

By photo

A photo search is more likely to succeed. But in this case, you must have an image of the person you want to find. If there is a photo, then you need:

  • Open an image search in the Yandex or Google search engine;
  • Click on the icon with a magnifying glass and a camera;
  • Upload an image and click Search.

The search engine will give you all the sites where this photo is found. Today, the search works very well, and if the uploaded photo was published on a person’s profile, you are more likely to find this post and go to the profile through it.

By the name

The chance of finding a user knowing only his name is one in a million, literally. Instead of initials, everyone registered on a social network chooses a unique nickname for themselves, and it is not always tied to a name. And even if the name is used in a nickname, it's still a thousand combinations from different users. And it is almost impossible to guess which nickname the one you need eventually chose.

Therefore, ideally, you also need to know the last name. How to find a person using this data?

  • Open the Instagram app;
  • Click on the Magnifier icon;
  • Then touch the empty search field located at the top;
  • Select Accounts;
  • Enter the person's first and last name in the search bar.

The search will return only a small number of users, so you can only rely on luck here. The less often the name and surname are found in a single combination, the higher the chance of finding the right person. And then only if he considered it necessary to indicate this data in the biography.

By phone

Searching for a person by phone number is considered the most effective on Instagram. The social network has developed a convenient synchronization of contacts. If your phone book contains the number of the person that he linked to his account, then the search will take only a few minutes:

  • Open Instagram;
  • Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner;
  • Select Interesting people;
  • Click the Connect button next to the Connect Contacts option;
  • Click Allow Access to allow Instagram to sync contacts;
  • Allow the app to access your contact list.

After that, Instagram will find users from your contact list and offer to follow them. Sounds simple, but unfortunately, in September 2019, this feature started to falter. Users began to complain en masse that Instagram does not show phone contacts, even when synchronization is connected. Until now, this problem has not been solved, for some users the function works, for others it does not. This is most likely due to privacy complaints. Not all people want third-party users to be able to search for them by phone number.

Alternatively, you can type a phone number into your browser's search bar and try to find it online. If a person indicated him in Instagram contacts, you will go to the desired profile.


If you are familiar with the person's social circle, or know their favorite bloggers and idols, you can try to find a profile through them.

  • Find the user who is supposedly subscribed to by the person you are interested in (or vice versa, the one who is subscribed to the person you are looking for);
  • Open his profile on Instagram;
  • Go to Subscribers (or Subscriptions if you are looking through subscribers for what you are looking for).

Next, you have to manually search for the desired user. Perhaps you will recognize him by his profile picture or nickname. If there are a lot of users, you can drive the name and surname of the person you need into the search for subscribers (subscriptions). With luck, the search will be crowned with success.

Search for people without registration

What if you are not registered on Instagram, but really want to find the profile of a specific person in it? I would like to mention right away that there are a lot of services and private “dealers” on the Internet that offer services for finding people on Instagram. In 80% of cases, this is a banal scam for money.

Therefore, remember: you do not need to pay for third-party search services. They have access to exactly the same information as you, and they have the same search capabilities as you. There is simply no secret way to find a person on social networks.

But there is a free website Glassagram. It searches by name and hashtags, and to start the search, you do not need to be registered on either the site or Instagram.

Just open the site, scroll to the very bottom of the main page to find the “Try Now” feature,, and enter data in the empty field Enter username. Then click “Watch Now” and get the result. By the way, there you can open any found profile and view the posts published in it.

Finding a person on Instagram is not an easy task. The more source data you have on hand, the easier it will be to search. And if it doesn’t work out, you can try to find a person on another social network, and through these accounts go to your Instagram profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to find an Instagram account?
Open the image search in the search engine. Click on the icon with a magnifying glass and a camera and upload an image and click Search. Then the search engine will give you all the sites where this photo is found.
How to find Instagram user by photo?
Take a screenshot or save the photo you want to search for. Use a reverse image search tool like Google Images or TinEye. Once you've uploaded the photo, the reverse image search tool will show you search results related to that image. Go through the search results and look for any Instagram profiles or websites where the photo is posted. Click on the Instagram profile or website link associated with the photo to find more information about the user who posted it.
How to search for Instagram account by phone number?
Open the Instagram app. Click on the magnifying glass icon (on the app's bottom navigation bar) or click on the search bar (on the website's top navigation bar). Type a phone number into the search bar and see if any relevant results come up. Alternativel
What are the effective and ethical ways to find someone's Instagram account using a photo or other methods?
Ethical ways include using Instagram’s search functionality, image reverse search while respecting privacy, or asking mutual contacts for information.

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