How To Hack Facebook Account - What Does It Entail?

Want to know how attackers hack Facebook account on a target device and why? If so, here's everything you want to know about hacking Facebook accounts.
How To Hack Facebook Account - What Does It Entail?

How to Hack Facebook Account - What Does It Entail?

When criminals hack Facebook account of a target person, they infiltrate it and gain total access and possibly control. Facebook account hacking is part of a data breach, meaning somebody has accessed your account. With over 2.8 billion active users every month, Facebook is a new target for hackers.

In 2018, Facebook introduced security updates, but security breaches affect more users. As of 2019, over 30 million users reported hacked Facebook accounts, and the platform leaked more than 500 million phone numbers. This article explains things you may want to know about hacking Facebook.

Why Do Hackers Want Your Account?

Facebook is undoubtedly a popular social media platform. Many people use the platform to connect with loved ones and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world. But, criminals can find your Facebook account helpful. If criminals hack your account, they can access details of your location, full name, and more information about your life. Also, they can know the friends and family members you communicate with on this platform.

Additionally, criminals can hack your account to use it to spread malware and spam to other users. Thus, a hacker can use your account to compromise other users' security. For instance, attackers hacked Mark Karpeles's personal blog account and used it to post files about Mt Gox. You can read about it here.

But, most criminals hack Facebook account for emotional reasons. For instance, somebody obsessive or jealous can hack your Facebook account to look at it from the inside and even access your messages. In some cases, jealous and obsessive individuals hire hackers to infiltrate their victims' accounts. After that, they can scan their private information or post something to damage their reputation or identity.

But even a stranger can hack your account on Facebook. In that case, the stranger can send shady messages to your family or friends, baiting them to send money or clicking malicious links. If they hack such links, the hacker can infiltrate their accounts too. If you store details like phone numbers, credit cards, and social security details in your Facebook account, hackers can access such information by infiltrating your account. Perhaps, that’s why Web Safety Guru shared this vital message on February 4, 2022.

But not all hackers have bad intentions. For instance, a parent might decide to hack a child's Facebook account if they suspect they have a lousy company. In that case, the parent wants to protect the kid from harm. A spouse might also hack a lover's FB account if they suspect they are cheating on them and want to know the truth by using a cell phone tracker. Thus, some people might need to hack FB account for justifiable reasons.

How to Hack Facebook Account Easily in 2022

Many people blame Facebook for privacy breaches when using this social networking platform. However, some people are technically responsible for their attacks. A Facebook hacker uses different methods to control the profiles of vulnerable users. They take advantage of the users' psychological and social naivety in most cases.

Since many people use Facebook every day, criminals can even hack your account via a close acquaintance or friend on the platform and use social engineering to get vital details from target phones. But most hackers target Facebook accounts with more influential followers or friends. Here are some of the ways somebody can hack a Facebook account easily.

1. Use a Keylogger to Hack Facebook Account

To use this technique to hack your Facebook account, a hacker must access your laptop or mobile device to install software that records everything you type on the device. After installing it, the Keylogger will record everything you key on the device, including Facebook login credentials, password, and bank information. Also, it will allow the hacker to view the record remotely.

This method enables an attacker to hack your Facebook account without your knowledge. If an attacker manages to install the Keylogger software on your device, they could get a record of your Facebook, email, and bank credentials. A Keylogging attack can lead to identity theft.

2. Phishing to Hack Facebook Account

Most attackers hack FB accounts via phishing emails. A phishing email is a trick or fake email that an attacker sends to the target phone, and it looks like it's from Facebook. For instance, you may receive notifications about messages, friend requests, photos, videos, and events. Also, a phishing email can accuse you of going against Facebook community standards.

Some phishing emails warn the phone owner that failure to take a particular action or update their Facebook app will lead to negative consequences. Another email can also claim to offer something good such as a Facebook lottery. Like clicking the provided link, the instructed action takes the target phone owner to a fake website where the attacker asks them to enter their login details. The platform steals the login information that enables the attacker to infiltrate the victim's account.

3. Hack Facebook Account When on the Same Wi-Fi

Perhaps, an expert has warned you against using public Wi-Fi at least once, but you've never understood why. Even when you set the most robust password, you will be vulnerable to hacking if you use the unsecured internet to access your Facebook account. Unsecure networks allow hackers to easily snoop through the data you receive or send from different web pages as long as you browse on the networks.

Hackers start by installing Faceniff, an Android application that people use to intercept web sessions and profiles, creating different Wi-Fi networks to get confidential information about their victims, including passwords and usernames on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites.

After installing Faceniff, a hacker connects to the internet and opens the app. On clicking the red button, it turns green, meaning the app is on, getting the appearance of the Android devices' Firesheep. Firesheep is a Firefox extension that allows unscrupulous users to perform a similar task. Hackers can use FaceNiff even on WPA encrypted Wi-Fi networks.

On pressing the enter button, the app displays the accounts on the Wi-Fi network, and all the hacker does is click on the Facebook account they want to infiltrate. The application will log them in automatically, and they can do anything they desire with the FB account.

4. Hack Facebook Account Using Shellfish

For hacking a Facebook account with Shellfish, you require an internet connection, Kali Linux operating system, Shell Phish, Chrome, Firefox, or another web browser. Open your browser with Kali Linux and type on the browser. After that, type shell phish in the search bar and select the first repository.

Click the download link or the clone and copy the link before opening the terminal. Next, type the git clone URL and paste the copied link here before pressing the enter button. The system will redirect you to downloading a shellfish file. Change the Shellfish directly after downloading it by typing cd shellfish.

Enter the commands (1s -1) in the shellfish directory, and it will show you files and permissions. Here, change the permissions. The –r in the permission means reading permissions while w means writing permissions.

This part doesn't have the execute permissions or x. Adding the permissions requires entering a command (chmod +x After entering this command, you will get new permission in x after entering the command. And you will execute the command by typing (./

Upon execution, the command will start the shellfish terminal. And this will allow you to select your preferred option by typing numbers like F to create a Facebook phishing page. After that, select a port forwarding service that provides the phishing URL, such as ngrok. If it's the first time you're using the service, wait for it to download.

You will get a link once the download process completes. The link or URL enables you to phish the target phone. Send this link to the target device using email, Messager, WhatsApp, or other media files. You will receive the target phone location, IP address, and additional information when they click on the link.

When the page opens, and the victim enters their password and username, you will receive these details while the page directs them to a Facebook phishing page.

5. Can Someone Hack Facebook Account with Email?

Yes. An attacker can hack your Facebook account if they hack or access the email address that you use with it. When an attacker controls your email account, they can even change your Facebook account's login information using the Forgot Password feature to initiate the procedure and receive a link for changing the Facebook password. And just like that, the attacker will have control over your Facebook account. They can even change the email for the Facebook account.

Essentially, email login details are valuable, and you should protect them. Therefore, use the same guidelines to protect your email and Facebook, such as creating a solid password and logging out of your email account if somebody else can access the same device. Also, avoid sharing your email account details with other people. Using a good password manager on your devices can also help.

Can Facebook Messenger Be Hacked?

Yes. Attackers can hack Facebook Messenger app by sending you a phishing or spam message. If you click on the link in the text, it will direct you to a malicious site or download and install a malicious app on your mobile device or computer. The hacker will use the app to get personal information that you receive or transfer through the computer or mobile device.

How Can I Log Into Facebook Without a Password?

If you forgot your Facebook username or password, you might have difficulties logging in. However, you can follow these instructions to log into Facebook without a password.

  • Navigate to the Facebook homepage.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Select the appropriate method to retrieve or change your password, such as phone number or email address.
  • Follow the prompts to change your Facebook password.

Other Ways to Hack Facebook Account

Using Fake Websites

Somebody can send you a link that will take you to a fake website that will prompt you to enter login information. Unfortunately, hackers use such counterfeit sites to steal vital information, including the Facebook passwords of their victims. Also, the hacker could get all the details you share or receive via the fake website.

Security Flaws in the Device

Out-of-date applications can make you vulnerable to Facebook hacks. That's why experts recommend updating your device applications regularly, especially antivirus. Also, setting your mobile device to log into any Wi-Fi network available could make it vulnerable to hacking when it automatically connects to the same unsecured network with attackers.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook Account with Their Phone Number

If you have the necessary resources for exploiting the SS7 network, you can hack someone's Facebook account with a phone number. Unfortunately, most telecom networks SS7 allow hackers to intercept SMSes and listen to private phone calls. Also, they will enable them to hijack Facebook and other social media accounts of people that have shared their phone numbers.

Over 800 telecommunication operators globally use Signaling System Number 7 to exchange information with each other, cross-carrier billing, and enable roaming. Unfortunately, the SS7 network trusts the messages users send over it regardless of the source. Therefore, hackers can trick SS7 into diverting calls and messages to their devices.

All a hacker needs to do is the phone number and a few details of the target device to start snooping silently. Apart from Facebook, hackers can hijack Telegram and WhatsApp accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find user's phone location using Facebook account?
For example, to determine the phone's location, IP address and additional information using Facebook, you can use the Shellfish tracking app. You will have enough Internet connections and browsers.
Why do people hack Facebook accounts?
People may hack Facebook accounts for various reasons, such as stealing personal information, accessing private messages or photos, spreading spam or malware, and impersonating the account owner for fraudulent activities. Some may also do it for malicious purposes, like revenge or blackmail. Ultimately, the motivations behind hacking someone's Facebook account can vary, but it is generally considered unethical and illegal.
Is it possible to hack a Facebook account if it is closed?
No, it is not possible to hack a closed Facebook account. When a Facebook account is closed or deactivated, it is no longer accessible to anyone, including hackers. Facebook has security measures in place to protect user accounts, and closing an account t
What are the risks and legal consequences associated with attempting to hack a Facebook account?
Hacking a Facebook account is illegal and unethical, involving risks like cybersecurity breaches, legal action, and violation of privacy and trust.

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