How to make money on a FaceBook group page

How to make money on a FaceBook group page

The Facebook group page is a good place to share, discuss, and network. They are also a gold mine where you have many income opportunities. For example, you can sell things that you may no longer need, but can help other people. This is a benefit for both sellers and buyers. There are many other ways to monetize Facebook Groups as well. Let's consider the main ones.

To promote your own business, business pages or a personal profile are used, and a group is an ideal option for placing thematic advertising. In order to start selling advertising space, the group must be promoted. After promotion, you will be able to extract excellent and almost passive income from it.

How to Create a Successful Group Page on FaceBook? Not an unimportant question, because a page without an audience will not generate income. To do this, pay attention to the information section. A correct and clear description of goals and ideas will help new subscribers to build trusting relationships. In order for the audience to be involved, you need to constantly participate in discussions, respond to comments, meet with subscribers, and be active. After the actions taken, use the analytics of the group and adjust your promotion path in accordance with the goals of the brand.

Let's consider the main ways how to make money on the FaceBook group page.

Recurring affiliate programs

Affiliate programs from which you receive regular income are called recurring. Each company or brand has its own marketing policy that pays bloggers after actual sales have been made. This can be a payment for a certain time or on an ongoing basis.

Recurring affiliate programs will be a great monetization option on an ongoing basis. To generate additional income, it will be enough just to place a banner or a link to promote your product and service. You get a referral fee when someone visits their site and makes a purchase.

By following flat commission programs, you keep working hard. But with a residual income affiliate program, you don't have to worry about the mandatory workload to make money consistently. Because your past job continues to make you money in residual commission.

The niche of making money on affiliate programs depends on your preferences.

File sharing services

To make money on a file sharing service. It is advisable to dedicate a page to a specific movie genre or series. In this case, earnings can be tangible. Accordingly, in order to make good money, your Facebook page will have to be promoted.

In addition, the page needs to be constantly updated and warmed up the interest of readers. And this should be done as quickly as possible. For example, many viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of new episodes of the popular TV series Stranger things. The day before the new episode appears on the network, post an announcement on your page and remind those who might have forgotten about it. As soon as you download a new episode to your hard drive, immediately upload it to a file hosting service and publish a fresh post in FB with a link to the file.

5 free services to create videos without watermarks

It is advisable to upload such a video to several file sharing services at once, which pay users real money for every thousand downloads (for example, $ 10 per 1000 downloads). We do not recommend using free services such as Yandex.Disk or Dropbox, as they are more suitable for storing personal files and you will not be able to make good money there.

It is desirable to choose a paid type of file hosting services, for example, Depositfiles, Turbobit, Hitfile and others. Always make sure that the links are not broken, since the administration of such services, at the first request of the copyright holders, always deletes the specified files from their servers.

To make it harder to find movies by name, use the file name mask, because they will still be downloaded directly from your Facebook posts with a detailed description of the movie / series.

What Can I Watch? Find movies by emotion

AdSterra direct links

A direct link is a special link that you receive after registering with Adsterra. It can be placed anywhere: in an ad campaign creative, in a push notification, on a website, or hidden under a button. If you've worked with these ad formats before, you probably know that adverts are often hidden behind “Download video” or “Skip to content” forms. This is the direct link.

For example, a webmaster posted a direct link under the Download Video button. The user saw this button and clicked on it. At this moment, the system selects an advertising campaign that is relevant to the interests of the user and takes him to the landing page. Thus, the task of the web is to find people who click on the direct link, and Adsterra, for its part, provides a wide base of advertisers and brings this user to the target action.

Monetizing direct links AdSterra is used in the bourgeoisie, because in fact, you can monetize any type of traffic. At the same time, the webmaster does not need a cloaca, services and pre-landers - a simple creative and basic knowledge of setting up advertising is enough.

AdSterra direct link monetization

PropellerAds direct link monetization is a universal advertising solution that is most flexible for traffic monetization.

This ad format gives you the easiest way to send and sell traffic. You can also monetize your traffic with our direct links using our own AD tools.

The area in which your direct ad will be placed is up to you. It can be any specific element on your site (hot button, text, image, etc.).

As a publisher, you'll quickly see the benefits of Direct:

  • the link can be used with your own banners, buttons or text
  • unlimited number of links to publish on one page
  • no need to manually parse and test proposals

Place an ad solution of this type. Highly recommended in the most clickable place to get the maximum impressions accordingly.

PropellerAds direct link monetization

Also, another option for the affiliate program is travel booking links.

Tourism has always been an interesting niche to generate income. Since for this it is enough to have your own blog and share his impressions of what he saw in it by connecting to the Travelpayouts partner network.

This travel affiliate network will easily help you monetize any travel traffic from your internet portal. You can tell anything. Starting from the purchase of air tickets to the conditions at the hotel. which lived. By placing an affiliate link, any person, clicking on it and buying a ticket, hotel, insurance, will bring you income in the form of commissions.

Benefits of working with Travelpayouts

Let's highlight the main advantages of Travelpayouts.

  • Security - you are guaranteed to receive money that is credited to your account in the affiliate system. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 rubles. Withdrawals are made once a month.
  • Withdrawal of money is possible both to electronic wallets and to a bank account. You don't have to work as a legal entity. You can simply receive money on Webmoney or Yandex. Of money.
  • A wide range of offers: 16 categories of tourist traffic monetization: air tickets, hotels, visas, excursions, car rental, yacht rental. And in each category there are several more companies offering different conditions.
  • There is a White-Label. If you are developing your own travel brand (travel agency, aggregator, tour operator), then you can brand the search for hotels and tickets. That is, the user will search for tickets and hotels from your brand, buy them, but through the TravelPayOuts system.
Travel booking links

Monetizing with Consulting

Do you have a hobby? Or are you a certified professional? You can also earn income from this using Facebook. Simply advise people, and they, in turn, will work like word of mouth: the more people you help, the more clients will turn to you for further recommendations.

Consultation topics can be varied. Whether it's body care or painting with a brush. The key to the success of the group's pages is to do it efficiently, otherwise the reputation on Facebook is incredibly difficult to restore, because all your activities are in plain sight.

Monetizing traffic from Facebook

Traffic refers to the flow of users passing through a website or launching an application. This is the number of visitors, measured by visits. High-quality targeted traffic allows companies to expand their customer base, increase sales to online stores, and increase advertising revenue for information portals. That is, this is a direct way to make money on Facebook groups.

This type of income is great for webmasters and entrepreneurs who already have their own website. On Facebook, you can duplicate information from a web resource (videos, photos, screenshots, podcasts), but we do not recommend reprinting the text so that search engines do not impose a filter on the site for duplicate content.

The best option would be to create original and engaging content. Consider for example starting your podcast at home and sharing regular engaging content that will audience will be looking forward to, and might even share and help you getting your content, your page and ultimately your business going viral.

Make money online with Facebook for beginners

It is not recommended to publish only selling posts on the FB page. Dilute them with entertaining content, polls, useful information. This way readers convert better into buyers. We recommend sticking to this balance: 80% of posts should be useful to users, and 20% can be of an advertising nature.

We sell promoted Facebook pages

By and large, this is a one-time income. For example, you ran a page for some time, filled it with high-quality content, it has acquired a large number of subscribers, but you have lost interest in the topic or simply do not have enough time. Sell ​​it to someone who can get the most out of it. Have you written about car repairs? Sell ​​the page to a car dealership or car service. Was it interesting to talk about gadgets and publish detailed reviews on them? Electronics stores will happily purchase such a page so that they can sell their products with it.

True, you can put the creation and promotion of such pages on the conveyor and turn a one-time income into a permanent one.

The only drawback of such earnings is that the sale or purchase of pages on Facebook occurs only with the permission of the administration of the social network. Therefore, carefully study the rules and select niches.

Buy Facebook business pages to monetize with the help of your smartphone

Telegram channel

Perhaps not everyone knows, but having your own audience in the Telegram channel is very profitable. First, this audience is more loyal than direct advertising. Secondly, statistics show that there is a high average check here. Third, in addition to working with affiliate programs, you can sell ads to other channels.

To come to this traffic source, you can start developing your Telegram channel. This is interesting, but long, and also requires certain knowledge, immersion in a new field of activity and investment in advertising (since there is no organic traffic in Telegram). But if you have the basic capital to start and can't wait to get started, there is an easier way - to buy a ready-made channel. Depending on the topic and the number of subscribers, the cost of such a channel may be less than the amount that you would pay for advertising with self-promotion. Let's consider how to buy a Telegram channel. But in order for the deal to be profitable, you need to seriously approach the choice of the lot. It is important to:

  • The channel had a live audience
  • There was an understanding of what this audience was and how to monetize it in the future.
  • The cost of the channel corresponded to the potential income from it, that is, the purchase ultimately turned out to be profitable

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn from Facebook group?
You can sell things that you no longer need but can help other people, start selling ad space, or advertise products and services. That is, you will be able to extract excellent and almost passive income from the group.
What are the benefits of Adsterra direct link?
Adsterra Direct Link offers a number of benefits for advertisers and publishers: increased traffic, cost effectiveness, improved user experience, advanced targeting, flexibility and control. Adsterra Direct Link offers an additional source of income. They can monetize their traffic by directing it to relevant offers and earning commissions, or by participating in pay-per-click (CPC) or per-action (CPA) campaigns.
How to get Propellerads direct link?
Log into your Propellerads account on their website. Go to Campaigns or Offers, depending on your goal. Find the campaign or offer you want to create a direct link for and click on it. Look for the Tracking or Tracking Link option. Click the tracking
What are various ways to monetize a Facebook group page effectively?
Ways to monetize include sponsored posts, selling products or services, affiliate marketing, offering exclusive memberships, and hosting paid online events or workshops.

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