My mobile data is on but not working on Apple iPhone 7

Problem description

How to reset network settings on Apple iPhone 7. Could not activate cellular data network. Could not activate mobile data network. My mobile data is on but not working. Why does my Apple iPhone 7 say no service. Apple iPhone 7 not connecting to internet. Apple iPhone 7 cellular data not working. Apple iPhone 7 won t connect to internet. Cellular network not available.

How to fix cellular network not available on Apple iPhone 7

When the Internet mobile connection, also called mobile data, does not work on Apple iPhone 7, meaning the phone will not connect to Internet with the SIM card operator connection, there might be different root cause.

Apple iPhone 7 turn off WiFi

The first step is to turn off WiFi in Settings > Wifi, in order to be able to work on the mobile connection, and be sure that the Apple iPhone 7 will not connect automatically to a WiFi.

How to turn on cellular data on Apple iPhone 7

Now, the first step is to activate the mobile network on Settings > Cellular, where the cellular data must be enabled.

How to reset network settings Apple iPhone 7

Now, it is important to reset the network settings, in Settings > General > Reset, with the option Reset Network Settings.

It will not change any data on your phone, but will simply reset the network connection, and delete all the WiFi passwords and previous connections.

Meaning you will have to then reconnect to any previously connected WiFi, and enter again the password.

However, this should now have allowed your Apple iPhone 7 to connect to Internet through the cellular network.

How to change APN on Apple iPhone 7

If reseting the network settings did not let your phone connect to mobile internet, then the issue is not coming from your phone setup, but from the connection itself.

See our operator guides, as you have to setup an APN, also called Access

Point Name, in order to connect to Internet through your phone provider mobile network.

Lyca Mobile activate internet
Lyca mobile activate Internet setup access point name
Phone operator guides


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