Locked out of Apple iPhone 7

I forgot my iphone password

Been locked out of your Apple iPhone 7, having forgotten your PIN, and not being able to enter the phone is a tough situation, in which the solution is most likely to factory reset the whole phone and erase all information.

How to unlock Apple iPhone 7 passcode with iCloud

If your phone has been setup with iCloud and your AppleID, then it is possible to remove the phone PIN from there, simply following these steps :

– Logon iCloud website with your AppleID,

– Click on all devices,

– Select the device on which the PIN is blocked,

– Select erase device to remove the PIN from the phone, along with all other information,

– Grab the phone, and follow the steps until being able to use a backup file for a phone restoration.

iCloud find phone

Put iPhone in recovery mode

If the previous solutions did not work out for you, the last solution to perform the restore, is to first put the Apple iPhone 7 in recovery mode.

Problem description

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