Lebara Internet Activation Code: Get A Prepaid Internet Hotspot Service

How to activate internet for lebara phone operator?

After having purchased  a SIM card ‌  from Lebara, and having registered in onto their network, which is a mandatory step, top it up with some credit online.

In case the 2G / 3G / 4G phone or internet connection does not work, even if you are not roaming, there is some extra Internet activation code that must be registered in the phone, by going to Settings > More > Cellular networks > Access Point Names.

There, tap on the add icon to create a new APN (short for Access Point Name), and enter this information, that has to be changed according to your country.

Access Point Name and Username will change depending on the country in which you are connecting to Internet, see below a step by step guide on how to make this configuration for the country you are in.

Step 1 : open Settings on your phone

Start the application settings from the applications list.

Step 2 : open the More menu

The more menu in settings application will lead to the cellular networks menu.

Step 3 : open the Cellular Networks menu

The cellular networks menu in more settings will have the Internet access point names settings.

Step 4 : open the Access Point Names menu

In the APN or Access Point Names options, it is possible to add an Internet access point to activate mobile Internet connection.

Step 5 : click on the + icon to add a new APN

If mobile Internet is not working, let's start by adding a new mobile Internet  Access Point Name ‌  for the Lebara SIM card.

Step 6 : fill in the information according to your country

Country Name, Access Point name, username, password:

Lebara France: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - fr.lebara.mobi, username - WAP, password - WAP,

Official help Lebara France - Internet and data settings

Lebara United Kingdom: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - uk.lebara.mobi, username - WAP, password - WAP,

Official help Lebara United Kingdom - I’m having trouble accessing the internet

Lebara Germany: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - internet.t-d1.de , username - no username, password - no password,

Official help Lebara Germany - Internet and settings

Lebara Spain: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - gprsmov.lebaramobile.es, username - no username, password - no password,

Official help Lebara Spain - Internet and data settings

Lebara Denmark: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - internet, username - no username, password - no password,

Official help Lebara Denmark - Android phone
Official help Lebara Denmark - Nokia phone
Official help Lebara Denmark - Windows phone

Lebara Netherlands: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - internet, username - no username, password - no password,

Official help Lebara Netherlands - Internet settings

Lebara Australia: name - Lebara,  Access Point Name ‌  APN - uk.lebara.mobi, username - WAP, password - WAP,

Official help Lebara Australia - Internet & Data Settings

Step 7 : save APN configuration

Tap on the three squares icon in the top right of the interface, and select save to have the  Access Point Name ‌  configuration registered.

Step 8 : enjoy Internet access

The phone should now be connection, as shown by the icon 4G in the status bar.

It might be necessary to restart your phone beforehand, and to activate the mobile network access to make sure that the Internet access works.

Lebara iPhone Internet settings

To  activate Internet ‌  on iPhone with Lebara, in case it is disabled, the following steps should be followed:

  • Go to home screen, and open the settings app,
  • select cellular menu,
  • tap enable LTE switch.

The LTE, or mobile Internet, should now be enabled. After that, update the iPhone  Access Point Name ‌  Internet settings as per above values, depending on the country as it is different per location.

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What is the Lebara Internet activation code?

In order to have a working mobile Internet connection, it is necessary to put an APN, an Access Point Name, which will be the Lebara Internet activation code.

See above the one that will work for your country, and create a new APN with these information by going to settings > more >  Access Point Name ‌  > create.

Lebara Mobile Logo
France (Lebara) SIM Card Instructions - Cellular Abroad

How to do the Lebara internet activation

To do the Lebara Internet activation, it is necessary to add a new APN, also called Access Point Name, that is simply called Lebara.

Go to the phone settings > more > cellular networks > Access Point Names > add new, and put LEBARA as name and as APN.

That’s it, the LEBARA Internet activation should now be complete.

The activation of  mobile data ‌  for Lebara phone operator SIM card is pretty much the same as any other operator.

All you have to do to perform the Lebara network set up is to create an  Access Point Name ‌  according to the country in which your Lebara SIM is registered.

How to  activate Internet ‌  Lebara for roaming? Do not forget that the solution to activated Lebara Internet for roaming is not only to get a data plan that will work abroad, but also to activate the data roaming option on your phone for your Lebara SIM card.

How to Manually Activate Lebara Internet

Lebara change language how to?

You can change the language of your Lebar a SIM card ‌  by calling the USSD code *100#. Once there, send the number 2 to get to the language selection, and follow the instructions to get Lebara mobile English language.

Depending on the country of your Lebara SIM card, it might be possible to change the language also by calling the number 1244, or by calling the number 5588, and following the instructions given by the operator.

Changing the language can be done after the Lebara mobile activation has been completed.

change language to English
Not getting option to change the language
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