Best mobile game apps according to 5 users

Mobile phones are great devices to play some games, either seldomly during short period of times, of for longer and more serious gaming - it is even possible to make a few bucks while playing on some mobile game apps!

5 great mobile game apps

Mobile phones are great devices to play some games, either seldomly during short period of times, of for longer and more serious gaming - it is even possible to make a few bucks while playing on some mobile game apps!

We asked the community of experts for their favorite mobile game app and here are their answers. Download and use these apps on your free time!

What is your favorite mobile game application, why is that so, and why would you recommend it?

Robert Kingett, author: TimeCrest is accessible with great writing

My favorite mobile game, especially in times of social distancing, is a fantasy game called TimeCrest, where you're communicating with a young mage named Ash through their pocket watch. I'm totally blind and rely on adaptive technology to use my phone. I use the screen reader VoiceOver. There isn't a lot of accessible games out there that are high quality like this one is. The game is almost like an interactive movie that's in text format. The developer has gone out of their way to make sure all elements were labeled and everything was accessible to VoiceOver users. I like it because there are long gaps where Ash is sleeping, or eating, or doing a timed activity. I can put my phone down and come back to it later if I wish. The writing in the game is really great, too!

‎Timecrest: The Door on the App Store
Timecrest: The Door - App Download - Android Apk App Store
Robert Kingett, author, Blind Journalist
Robert Kingett, author, Blind Journalist
Robert Kingett is a totally blind author that writes essays and fiction where disabled characters live normal lives. When he's not writing, he loves to listen to fiction podcasts.

D. Gilson, insurance specialist: Yahtzee with Buddies is free and played in spurts

My favorite mobile game application is Yahtzee with Buddies. First and foremost, it’s free, and too many games are charging to play these days. It’s also an extremely easy and intuitive game to play - especially for those of us who grew up playing Yahtzee with our families. One of the primary reasons I love this mobile game is that it can also be played in spurts.

You don’t need to sit down and commit an hour to playing the game; instead, you can play one round and then pick the game back up when you have a free moment. Finally, I think the game has been extremely helpful - it has a great chat feature - during this time of social distancing in helping me feel more connected to the world outside my house.

YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game - Apps on Google Play
‎Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice on the App Store
D. Gilson, PhD,
D. Gilson, PhD,
D. Gilson, PhD, is an insurance specialist at and has taught writing and popular culture studies at the university level for more than a decade.

Tejas Nair, freelance writer: Monument Valley gets everything right

My all-time favorite mobile game is Monument Valley. The first time I came across the game was via Netflix show House of Cards. And I had to buy the game to see what was so enchanting about it that the game was frequently played and discussed by the main character of the show. I downloaded the Android version the next minute and I knew why. It gets everything right - from background ambient music to flawless graphics to creative gameplay. But the two things that stand out in Monument Valley for me is the feeling of luxury that you get while playing it and the manageable difficulty that is between easy and difficult. It's addictive yet indulgent, making for a perfect replay during these pressing times.

There's a sequel too which is equally magnificent, you are bound to receive requests from your family members to play. Also available on iOS.

‎Monument Valley on the App Store - Apple
Monument Valley - Apps on Google Play
Tejas Nair, freelance writer
Tejas Nair, freelance writer
Tejas Nair is a freelance writer and video game enthusiast from Mumbai, India.

Tom Blake, Owner: Mistplay makes you some extra money

Mistplay describes themselves as the loyalty program for mobile gamers, and this app is a great way to make some extra money each month while discovering new games.

In a nutshell, Mistplay rewards players for downloading and trying new games. Once you download a recommended game from the Mistplay app, you earn points for leveling up in that game and as you level up your overall Mistplay account. Points you earn can be redeemed for a variety of free gift cards or prepaid visa cards.

Mistplay has a wide variety of games, and that's the main reason I like it.

This app doesn't pay too much, but if you already play mobile games, I think it's a fun and relaxing way to get some free gift cards each month. I only recommend this app for frequent mobile gamers since it is a bit of a slow earner.

MISTPLAY: Gift Cards, Money, Rewards Playing Games - Apps on Google Play
Tom Blake, Owner, This Online World
Tom Blake, Owner, This Online World
Tom is a finance blogger and freelance writer originally from Toronto, Canada. In his spare time, Tom enjoys spending time outdoors, making YouTube videos, and playing soccer.

Doug Brennan, tech writer: AFK Arena to play several times a day and still progress

As someone with a busy schedule, I don’t have much time to dedicate to mobile games. That’s why I enjoy playing AFK Arena whenever I have a few minutes to myself. AFK Arena is a unique RPG game where you collect and upgrade powerful heroes and use them to defeat bosses and fight your way through an adventurous campaign. My favorite thing about the game is being able to log in once or twice a day and still feel as though I’m making progress. For those with more spare time however, there’s still plenty to do. Including a rotation of fun events that are added every couple of weeks and various PvP game modes as well. Couple that with the regular updates which bring new heroes and campaign levels and you have a game that stays fresh no matter how long you play it.

AFK Arena - Apps on Google Play
‎AFK Arena on the App Store
Doug Brennan, tech writer, Digital Addicts
Doug Brennan, tech writer, Digital Addicts
Doug Brennan has been an avid PC/console gamer for over 20+ years and is currently a tech writer for Digital Addicts

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I getting paid to play mobile games?
Mistplay describes itself as a loyalty program for mobile gamers and this app is a great way to earn extra money monthly by unlocking new games.
What are the best cell phone games free?
Some of the best free cell phone games currently available include: Among Us, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, Pokémon Go, Subway Surfers, Asphalt 9, Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Hearthstone, and Words with Friends 2. The availability of these games may vary depending on your mobile device's operating system (iOS or Android) and regional restrictions.
What are the top 5 gaming apps for kids?
The top 5 gaming apps for kids can vary based on personal preferences and availability, but here are five popular choices Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon GO, Subway Surfers, and Toca Life World.
What gaming experiences are mobile users looking for, as indicated by popular gaming app preferences?
Users often seek engaging storylines, interactive gameplay, good graphics, and multiplayer options in mobile gaming apps.

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