How to get rid of the square box on Apple iPhone screen?

Resolve the mystery of the square box on your iPhone screen with our helpful guide. Learn how to remove and customize the AssistiveTouch feature, as well as explore other accessibility options for an improved iPhone experience.

Moving box on Apple iPhone screen

When having a square box showing on Apple iPhone screen, or a blue box around icons, it is simply due an accessibility feature of iOS that has been turned on by mistake. Go to menu settings > general > accessibility and turn off the right one.

The blue box moving around your screen that your can't remove should be gone after having changed the switch control setting.

The transparent box is from the zoom settings, can't be removed by double tapping with 3 fingers, or switching off the zoom accessibility option.

The screen moving by itself is due to the new parallax effect, that can be switched of in reduce motion accessibility setting.

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Blue box moving on Apple iPhone screen

To get rid of the blue box moving on Apple iPhone screen, simply disable the switch control setting, by going in the menu settings > general > accessibility > interaction > switch control, and switch off the button there.

The blue box moving around is actually a way to scan item, used for accessibility reasons.

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Blue lines on my Apple iPhone screen are also coming from this switch control setting, the lines on Apple iPhone are actually a way to point scan the screen.

If it has been switched on accidentally, you can also get rid of blue box and blue lines on your Apple iPhone screen by going to the menu settings > general > accessibility > interaction > switch control, and switching off the option.

Transparent box on Apple iPhone screen

To get rid of the transparent box on Apple iPhone screen, simply turn off the zoom setting in settings > general > accessibility > zoom, where you can turn off the zoom ability.

Another option to remove the transparent rectangle from the screen, is to double tap on the rectangle with 3 fingers to take it off.

iPhone X Strange box on screen

How to stop Apple iPhone screen moving

The issue with screen moving around is most likely due to the new iOS7 parallax effect, that makes things looks a bit like 3 dimensional, and makes the background moving around behind the applications, giving the impression that the screen is moving.

To stop that effect, go to general > accessibility > reduce motion, and turn on the reduce motion effect to stop the Apple iPhone screen moving by itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix if my iPhone has a blue square?
In order to get rid of the blue square on your Apple iPhone screen, simply disable the toggle control setting by going to menu settings > general > accessibility > interaction > toggle control and disable the button there.
What is the purpose of the square box on my iPhone screen, and how can it be accidentally activated?
The square box on your iPhone screen is likely the AssistiveTouch feature. AssistiveTouch is an accessibility feature designed to help users with motor skill impairments navigate and control their devices more easily. It can be accidentally activated through the Settings app under Accessibility or by enabling a specific shortcut, such as triple-clicking the Home button or Side button.
Can I customize the AssistiveTouch menu to include additional functions or change its appearance?
Yes, you can customize the AssistiveTouch menu by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. From there, you can change the menu's layout, add or remove buttons, and adjust the opacity of the AssistiveTouch icon to make it more or less visible on your screen.
Are there other similar features on my iPhone that I should be aware of, which could help me navigate and control my device more easily?
In addition to AssistiveTouch, iPhones offer several other accessibility features that can help you navigate and control your device more easily. These include VoiceOver, Zoom, Switch Control, and Back Tap, among others. To explore these features, go to Settings > Accessibility and browse the various options available to customize your device to suit your needs better.

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