Apple iPhone not receiving calls? Here’s the fix

Apple iPhone not receiving calls? Here’s the fix [English]

Apple iPhone cannot receive calls

When somebody tries to reach you, but your Apple iPhone is not able to receive the call, the first step is to make sure that you have network service, and that you are able to place a phone call.

If that is not the case, see our guide for no service on iPhone .

Apple IPhone no service

Do not disturb settings

It might be the case that you have set your phone to be in do not disturb mode, and therefore no phone call can get to your phone, as it should not be disturbed.

To check it, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. Here, check that both manual and scheduled options are not setup up, as they might put your Apple iPhone in do not disturb mode, forbidding any incoming call.

Number blocked

The next possibility, is that the number that is trying to reach you has been blocked on the call settings.

Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification, and there have a look at the numbers that are currently blocked, if any, and make sure that the number that tries to reach you, and any other phone number or contact that might reach you in the future, aren't in that list.

Reset network settings

If previous options did not work out, another step, after having tried to restart your phone, is to reset the network settings, which usually solves most of the issues.

In the Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings menu, perform a network reset. You will only lost registered network connections, but data on your phone will be safe.

backup and restore .

The last step before getting to the phone provider, is to try a backup and restore , which will reset your phone to a previous state.

In this operation, you will lose all information stored on your phone that hasn't been saved, therefore make sure that all important information is securely saved on another media.

Network provider

If nothing worked, it is time to contact your network provider, or to take your smartphone to a phone repair shop, as the issue might be hardware, your phone is broken, or might be with the SIM car and your mobile network provider.

The Apple iPhone 5

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