Find out everything about the best phones for gaming!

If we look at the fastest growing industries nowadays we would certainly find the mobile phone and gaming industry somewhere at the top of the list. If you like games and smartphones then you will be happy to read the five best Samsung gaming phone models!
Find out everything about the best phones for gaming!

Oh, don't you miss those old times when gaming and mobile phones were so simple? Do you remember?! We had those phones that practically everyone could use and the games were much simpler too! Yeah, maybe some of you miss those times! However, that is not the case for the majority of people whose biggest passions are exactly games and phones!

As we know, the gaming industry has developed incredibly over the past years.

Today there are many games and applications optimized for any phone, such as spying app for android. That means that the gaming experience is much better than it used to be. But it also means that you need a phone to meet certain requirements for you to be able to fully enjoy that experience.

Broadly speaking, we can say that gaming phone best models need to have a large screen and a high-quality resolution, good refresh rate, control support, long-lasting battery, and a good cooling system. Ah, yes, you should be able to recharge it quickly, regardless of whether you are playing free bingo, or something more performance-demanding.

But if you are new at gaming, and aren’t particularly knowledgeable about phones, you might still wonder about the meaning of it all. Let’s face it – there are so many phones on the market today, and all the manufacturers claim that their models are the best. How can you know which of those entire gaming phone brands is the best for you or a loved one who is a passionate gamer?

Well as you know Samsung is one of the best smartphone companies in the world. The phones are great at everything including gaming, of course. Samsung phones offer excellent processors, plenty of RAM, and large screens ideal for playing the latest games! How to choose the best Samsung gaming phone android model? This is where we come in with our experience and expert knowledge. We compiled a Samsung gaming phone list that covers five of the top models. Let's have a look!

What to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Phone

Phones for gaming is designed primarily for gaming, but at the same time supports all the standard features of a smartphone. The main differences are a more powerful processor and graphics accelerator, a large and high-quality screen, loud sound for complete immersion in the process.

But at the same time, a gaming smartphone is not just a device with a top-end processor; first of all, it is a "friend" for the user.

So we already mentioned that there are certain factors such as display size, resolution, long-lasting battery, etc., that will affect the quality of your gaming experience, right? Now let us look a bit more deeply into them and see what it all actually means.

Processor & Memory

By now, you most certainly know that if you want a phone that supports quality games it needs to be fast. That said, the best option is to look for a gaming phone with high processors such as those from Snapdragon 700 series or newer ones that are the only way you can ensure the best performance on your device. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the phone has at least 8 GB of RAM.

Cooling System

If you are playing games on your smartphone, you know how hot it quickly gets. Thus you have to ensure having a quality gaming phone cooler so the health won't affect the performance. Fortunately, most gaming phones have good cooling features.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution plays an important role in the overall gaming experience. Most modern phones come with higher resolution and 90 Hz or 120Hz support. If you are playing a game where every frame counts, you need to go for a higher refresh rate, too.

Battery Life

Naturally, if you are using your device to play games battery will quickly end up being empty even if you have a gaming phone new model. Thus it is advisable to choose a phone with long battery life. Another important thing here is charging speed of course. But it is always better to focus on battery capacity.

Top Samsung Gaming Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

This phone features a fabulous AMOLED 6.9-inch dynamic screen with a very high resolution of 3,088 x 1,440 pixels. That means that anybody can play any game they imagine on this gaming phone with good camera. If you opt to invest in this phone, you will enjoy playing games with incredibly vibrant colors and crystal clear images. If you buy the phone in the U.S, it will feature the fantastic Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12 GB of RAM. You will also get 256 GB of internal storage. You can opt for 512 GB, but you will need to pay extra. The phone also comes with an SD card, so you will have additional external storage.

Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra

This device rightfully deserves a spot among the gaming phone top 5, too. The main difference compared to the previous model is that it comes with a smaller screen and without an SD card. But other than that, it is an amazing phone that comes with Snapdragon 888, which is even more powerful than the processor in Galaxy Note 20. It also features a dynamic AMOLED display and 12 GB RAM. This device, however, can come with 16 GB RAM, too.

Samsung Galaxy S 20

This model has many of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra features, such as a 120 Hz screen and a Snapdragon 865processor. That alone is enough to provide you with the best gaming experience of your life. It comes with a smaller, 6.2 inches screen which still has wonderfully vibrant colors. It comes with a 4,000mAh battery which means that you will be able to play for a good amount of time before having to recharge. It also comes with 25W fast charging support. You can opt for WiFi6 and 5G support if you are planning to stream games in the future.

Samsung Galaxy A 71 5G

If you are on a budget but you want to play mobile games, this gaming phone affordable model is exactly what you have been looking for. It is fair to say that you will hardly find a better mid-range phone than this model. It features a 6.7 inch AMOLED screen with 1080 pixels resolution. The processor is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765 with 6GB RAM. It may not seem like much compared to more expensive models. However, our tests showed that it could easily handle games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Asphalt 9.

Samsung Galaxy A51

This device falls into gaming phone in the low price category. It features a fantastic screen and a quality battery. However, when it comes to performance, we can label it as a mid-range smartphone. It comes with Exynos 9611 processor, which is not as nearly as good as Snapdragon 865 or higher. At best, it can be compared to Snapdragon 712, although it falls behind it, too. It comes with 6.5 inches AMOLED screen, which provides excellent colors, but there isn’t any high refresh rate support. Additionally, it includes a micro SD card so you can expand the memory to 1TB. It comes with a 4,500mAh battery which will last a day if you play games.

Bottom Line

Samsung, indeed, has plenty of other excellent models to offer! However, right now these are the best options on the market if you are looking for a Samsung gaming phone. All of these phones offer fantastic gaming experiences for their price. Do we hope that our guide helped you in your search for the best device that will suit your needs? What kind of gaming phone do you have? What are you looking for when buying a phone?

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