How To See Someone's Activity On Facebook?

How To See Someone's Activity On Facebook?

The technological advancement in the communications industry has brought many advantages, the economy in calls, the transmission of videos in real time, and the ease of sending instant messages anywhere in the world, but this technology has not brought benefits.

The same technology has become a real problem for parents and guardians of minors, as social networks have become a danger for children and adolescents, who are an easy target for people with bad purposes, also pornographic and violent content that is not controlled on the Internet means a risk for children.

The good news is that the same technology has allowed the emergence of sites like eyeZy Features, which provide the ability to control the actions of minors in many areas of the network, and allows a concerned parent can find the solution to the question of how to see someone activity on Facebook?

This site has become an ally for parents and representatives who want to control the activities of their children specifically on Facebook, and it is not to spy on them, or impose abusive restrictions, it is to protect them against unscrupulous people who seek to take advantage of children in many aspects, highlighting sexuality.

The way eyeZy Features works is through an application that can be downloaded from the URL.

The application presents a simple, attractive, and friendly interface, also guarantees the anonymity of the person who runs the review, so that no one will know that you are checking the device where that person is communicating with others through Facebook.

Advantages of the eyeZy application Features

  • It is a vital tool for parents to keep track of all types of Smartphone communications with their children.
  • It is an efficient way of how to see someone activity on Facebook.
  • With this application parents will know exactly where their children are at the same moment, or in the past they can check where they have been.
  • The eyeZy provides the ability to check all calls, both incoming and outgoing that have been made on the device to which they are inquiring, the duration of each, have at hand all the data of the contacts of that phone, and all information concerning the messages that are sent and received in that phone.
  • It has a special feature called keylogger, which allows access to passwords through the keys pressed on the device where you log into the application, including access to messages that have been deleted, browsing histories, and through the control panel of the application can block sites so that the device does not have access to them.
  • Applications such as Facebook can be blocked remotely.
  • How to see someone activity on Facebook, it will be easier, and without risk of being detected with eyeZy from a different location from where the device is located, you can view photos, videos, and any file that the person you are controlling has, share, or receive through Facebook.

How to see someone activity on Facebook with eyeZY?

Basically, the eyeZy app works just like any other tracking tool, which will help you see someone's Facebook activity, for example. You can connect it to the target device through its iCloud account or install an app on it.

The eyeZy app will then continue to run in the background, monitoring their data such as call logs, keystrokes, location, and more. It will then upload this data to its cloud servers from where you can start monitoring the device.

This application is very simple to manipulate, the first thing to do is to download it, and install it, you can do this from the eyeZy link.

When you open the application you will find a red button in the upper right corner identified as TRY NOW, when you click on it, it opens a window to create an account, you must provide an email, accept the terms and click the continue button.

On the next screen you will find a graphic menu to select the type of device to set how to see someone activity on Facebook, you will have the options of iOS, and Android, once you conclude with this selection opens the window to choose the plan you want, you will have three options, for a month, for three months, and for a year, the latter being the most beneficial, because the daily cost will not reach $1.

The next step will be to configure the application, making sure to check in the Social Spotlight section the social network option, as well as those you are most interested in finding out about, such as screen recorder, text messages, delete text messages, etc.

When the configuration is ready, the app will allow you to immediately start monitoring the phone you are interested in, for this eyeZy has a very functional dashboard, and easy to interpret, this tool is currently one of the most effective ways of how to see someone activity on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect them from unscrupulous people on Facebook?
The EyeZy Features app is a phone tracker that helps you see someone's Facebook activity. The EyeZy app runs in the background keeping track of their data like call logs, keystrokes, location, and more.
How to see someone's activity log on Facebook?
To see someone's activity log on Facebook, follow these steps: Open Facebook and log into your account. Go to the person's profile whose activity log you want to see. On their profile, click on the More tab, located below their cover photo. From the drop-down menu, select Activity Log. The activity log will display a chronological list of their activities on Facebook, including posts, likes, comments, photos, and other interactions.
Is it legal to see someone's activity on Facebook?
No, it is not legal to see someone's activity on Facebook without their explicit consent or the proper legal authority. Facebook's terms of service and privacy policy clearly state that users' information and activities are protected and should not be acc
What are the ethical and privacy considerations when trying to view someone's activity on Facebook?
Ethical considerations include respecting privacy and consent. Viewing activity should be limited to public posts or interactions within mutual friend networks.

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