Android call issues

Correct phone number

Are you sure that the person trying to reach you have the right phone number? Double check with them, in case they are trying to call you but cannot reach you. This simple check might save some troubles.

Service connection

First of all, it is important to make sure that the phone has a working service connection, as otherwise it is not possible to receive any call on your Android.

Block list

If you are able to place a phone call, but cannot receive a call, it might be that the number trying to reach has been blocked.

In the phone application, the one used to make phone calls, use the icon on the top right to open a hidden menu, where you can open the phone app settings;

Here, go to call blocking, and then open the block list. Here, double check that no number appear with which you are trying to have phone conversations. If you see any number that you would like to reach, delete them from this block list.

Do not disturb

In the phone settings – not the phone call app, but the Android smartphone settings – open the do not disturb options, and make sure that the phone calls are not disabled while on being under the do not disturb mode, and that the phone isn’t in do not disturb mode actually.

Factory reset

The last resort on your phone after having checked all the previous solutions, is to perform  a smartphone ‌  reset, by going in settings > backup & reset > factory reset.

This option will delete all data on your phone, therefore make sure first that any information you want to keep has been saved on another media.

Network provider

Check with your network provider that your phone number is accessible. They will most likely ask you first to perform all previous actions before taking any real measure to repair your phone.

How to solve Android call problems

Most Android call problems can be solved by putting  the Android phone ‌  on airplane mode, and then putting it back in normal mode.

Another solution is to take off the SIM card, check that the SIM card is clean, put it back, and wait for the phone to connect to network.

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