How to remove the virus popup on Apple iPhone?

Remove the virus popup on Apple iPhone

When a popup on the Apple iPhone tells to call a number that you do not know, never call it, it is most likely a scam or a virus. Instead, get rid of it by clearing your browser temporary Internet files in settings > SAFARI > privacy and security > clear history and website data.

This will delete from the phone the files that your phone has kept while you were browsing Internet, and that the fake virus is using to send you fake information about your infected phone.

Force restart Apple iPhone

Start by force restarting your Apple iPhone, by holding the power and volume down buttons for 5 seconds. This is necessary as the popup is blocking access to the Apple iPhone settings.

SAFARI browser settings Apple iPhone

When it is turned off, you can turn in back on, and, once on the Apple iPhone main screen, go to settings > SAFARI.

This is the Internet browser settings.

Clear web history and cache Apple iPhone

Now, scroll down to the privacy and security section, in which a menu option clear history and website data is available.

Tap on the clear history and website data to delete the web history and cache data of your Apple iPhone Internet browser.

Clear cookies and data Apple iPhone

A confirmation will be prompted on the Apple iPhone to ask validation to clear history and cache data, which you should accept.

Now, turn your phone off and back on again, and the popup should have disappeared!

What is cache on Apple iPhone

The cache, also called web history or cache data, is created when you are browsing Internet on your Apple iPhone.

All files downloaded, such as web pages, images, and website identification information, are stored on your phone, so the next time you visit the same site, your Apple iPhone does not have to download all data.

These information are also used by the websites to identify your phone, and sometimes send viruses or unwanted spam popup on your Apple iPhone.

This is why clearing this information will solve the issue.

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Hello, This is james,technical expert.Thanks for giving a opportunity to discuss here. Removing pop-up virus from iphone. 1)Restarting your iPhone device will fix this issue in most cases. 2)To restart your iPhone, hold down the Power button until the Power OFF option appears on the screen. 3)Tap the POWER OFF button. 4)After that, to turn on your iPhone again, press & hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 5)If this does not fix the issue, then clear the brow

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