How to set up voicemail on Apple iPhone 6 Plus?

How to set up voicemail on Apple iPhone 6 Plus

When the voicemails are not available from the voicemail button of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, it is often the case that the voicemail number is not correctly setup on the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

To solve it, simply first try to reset network settings, and, if not working, setup manually the voicemail number by dialing *5005*86*voicemail#, after having replaced voicemail with the voicemail number provided by the phone operator.

Reset network settings Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The first thing to try, is to reset the network settings by going to settings > general > reset > reset network settings.

This operation will delete any saved  WiFi password ‌  from the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, therefore make sure to know the  WiFi password ‌  before trying it out.

After the phone will have restarted, reconnect to the phone network, and try the voicemail button, which might work with these simple steps.

Setup voicemail number Apple iPhone 6 Plus

If  resetting the network settings ‌  did not solve the issue, then it is necessary to set it up manually.

First of all, find out the voicemail number from the phone operator, which can usually be found on Internet, is written on the instructions given with the SIM card, or has been sent out by SMS when setting up the phone number.

The voicemail number is not the phone number, it is the number you should call to listen to your phone messages.

After you have found the phone number, open the phone application and dial the number *5005*86*voicemail# and do not forget to replace voicemail by the voicemail number, and call that number to set up the voicemail.

When trying to call that number, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen should flash and not do anything more, which is fine. Try now to use the voicemail button to see if it now works.

You can also try to call your own phone number to check if the voice mail is now working.

In case that did not work, try again after double checking that the voice mail number is the correct one. Also try to include the phone country indicator, without the plus sign, but eventually by replacing it with 00.

If that did not work, then the last resort is to contact the phone provider and ask them how to set up voice mail for Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

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