How to screen record on Apple iPhone in few easy steps?

How to screen record on Apple iPhone

With the iOS11 update, it is possible to screen record the Apple iPhone, by enabling it in settings > control center > customize controls > screen recording.

Then swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or the top right corner, depending on your iPhone version, and press on the black circle in the black round icon, to start recording.

To add or remove sound in the recording, long press the screen recording icon, and tap the microphone audio icon to turn sound recording on or off with the screen recording.

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How to record your screen on Apple iPhone

To record the screen of your Apple iPhone, you first have to add the screen recording option to the control center, which then appear by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Go to settings > control center > customize controls, and tap the green circle next to screen recording.

Now, it is possible to record the screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, to have the control center popping up. In the control center, tap the screen recording icon, which is a black circle circled in black, and follow the options to start recording.

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Apple iPhone screen recorder with audio

To add the audio to the screen record, once in the screen recording menu from the control center, before tapping start recording, tap the microphone audio to turn the audio on or off, before starting to screen record.

  • This will record both your voice recorded in the microphone, and the sounds generated by the phone, if your Apple iPhone is not on silent, and the screen recording microphone is on.
  • If you want only to record the Apple iPhone generated sounds, then turn off the microphone screen recording, but keep the phone ringer sound on, do not put your phone on silent.
  • If you put the microphone screen recording on, but the Apple iPhone on silent mode, only the microphone will be recorded, without any sound coming from the Apple iPhone applications.
  • If you put both the screen recording microphone off and the Apple iPhone on silent, then the screen will be recorded without any sound attached to it, the whole video will be silent.
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How to screen record with sound on Apple iPhone

If the screen recordings of your Apple iPhone don't have sound, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the control center. There, select the screen recorder by tapping the icon.

In the screen recording menu, tap on microphone audio before starting to record, in order to add the sound from the microphone to the recording.

If you want to add the sound generated by the Apple iPhone, such as the sound coming from the applications, then make sure that the Apple iPhone is not on silent mode, by checking if the ringer volume is on.

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