How to fix messages displayed in wrong order on Yezz Andy 5M LTE?

Fix messages in wrong order on Android

If your instant messages do not appear in the best possible order in your discussions, the problem is usually due to the presence of a wrong Date and Time on your mobile phone.

This can happen for example when changing time from summer to winter, or when changing timezone, and receiving messages before having updated the phone to the local timezone, or in some other cases, when simply the phone had a data and time issue.

To solve this problem, simply set the date and time to automatic. Here is a well-ordered guide to the best way to do it, by going to Settings> Date and time.

Make sure that Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone are checked.

Samsung S7 Edge text messages out of order - fixed! - Android Central

Test by sending new messages, and the problem should be fixed. If the problem persists, delete the chat history and start another with the number you are reporting.

Another possibility is to change the time zone and date to manual, and set it yourself, in case it did not update automatically.

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