How To Reset and Unlock An Android Phone?

How to reset a locked Android phone?

To unlock an Android that is locked when you don’t have the menu, when you forgot your Google play account, can be done as follows to Android phone factory reset when the Android phone is locked and cannot be unlocked by any other way:

  • hold the POWER key (ignition key) + low volume;
  • the Android phone will boot up, and, depending on the model, either the Android robot picture with be shown, or the phone’s manufacturer personal boot picture,
  • if the Android robot pictures show, press volume up and power to access the fast boot menu,
  • use the volume up and down buttons to navigate in the boot menu,
  • navigate to wipe data / factory reset and validate with power button to reset a phone Android,
  • to restart the Android phone, navigate to reboot now with volume buttons, and press the power button to restart.

When the phone will restart, it will be unlocked and reset, you will be able to configure it the way you want it.

Reset an Android phone

Once the Android phone has been reset, it will be unlocked.

When you are not able to unlock your Android phone anymore, for example after having forgotten the password, the only way to keep using it is to factory reset to phone using this procedure.

After  the Android phone ‌  factory resethas been performed, you will be able to reconfigure the phone from scratch.

However, all data stored on the phone will be lost in the procedure – anything that hasn’t been saved to the cloud or on another device will be lost forever.

How to unlock an Android smartphone without a factory reset?

The only solution to unlock an Android smartphone without doing a full phone reset is to use an external software such as Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool, a Windows program that is able to fully unlock an Android smartphone.

Using the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool ‌  it will be possible on most Android smartphones to remove the lock screen without having to wipe the data.

Remove Android password, pattern, PIN & fingerprint lock, Remove Google account from Samsung device without password, Secure unlocking in minutes with easy operations

Android phone ask for original account, how to get around FRP?

What is FRP? FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection, and is enabled by default on all Android phones to force usage of Google account credentials to access phone after factory reset.

If you get the error message “This device was reset to continue sign in with a google account that was previously synced on” and have no way of getting access to your Android phone back, it is because the phone is protected with Android FRP system, Factory Reset Protection.

If you have no way to find the Google credentials that were associated with FRP, the only chance to get access to the phone is to perform a flashing operation, which can be risky and turn your phone unusable.

This device was reset to continue sign in with a google account that was previously synced on …
How to bypass Google Account Verification FRP (Factory Reset Protection) in 2020

Reset and unlock an Android phone

You can also reset and unlock your Android phone using the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool ‌  that will reset and unlock any Android phone with a few steps. Here is how to proceed.

Remove Android pattern lock

  1. Download the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool ‌  and install it on your computer
  2. Connect your phone via USB, open the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool ‌  and select “remove screen lock”
  3. Click on the start button to remove the lock screen passcode
  4. Follow steps on your Android to enter recovery mode
  5. Once on the Android recovery mode, the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool ‌  will automatically remove the passcode
  6. Simply restart your unlocked Android phone if necessary, and start using it!

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